Friday, December 31, 2010

My Celestial House

My Celestia themed house is nearing completion. I have almost every single celestia housing drop that I want. The only exceptions being a Water Mole Statue, a Sun Icon, a Marleybonian Driller, and a few more Large Willow trees. So far I have....
-2 shark huts
-2 grand astrolabes
-2 flowering celestia trees
-3 moon icons
-2 star icons
-1 large willow tree
-4 broken palm trees
-1 crane
-2 celestian ferns
-2 celestian sun dials
-1celestian power orb
-2 crab lamps
-2 brain corals
-2 tall tiki totems
-1 Stellar Protector Statue
-1 Cephalopod (Squid) Statue
-1 Water mole campfire with fish
-1 Water mole weapon rack
-1 tiki torch
-4 tall Celestian columns

And that's just all the boss drop stuff. I'm not going to count all of the stuff I  got from the celestia housing shop, because those are just to easy to get anyways. If any of you have any questions about what one of these look like just post a comment on here and I'll put some pics of the housing item on the next post.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Candyland: There is some proof.

OK, after talking with Heroboy102 and Connor Mistblade, I found out some information about the possible world of Candyland. It's going to be a side quest world (that is, if it does become a world) just like Grizzleheim. My suspicions about the gobblers were true, and the evil witches are the Ravens. Other then that, this world is where Lydia Greyrose (ice teacher) is from, and her two evil sisters are cooking up some evil gingerbread armies to kill children or something like that. Here's the link to Candyland.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Candyland: Is there proof?

I was looking at random videos, and i found this....
Now the video itself has nothing to do with the post, but the description of the video does. Heroboy102 talks about how he knows that Celestia and Candyland are going to be future worlds. Obviously we already know of Celestia, but where did he get the Information that Candyland is going to be one? I am going to try to find out if that rumor is true, and if anyone has any information they know of feel free to comment on this post.

I love Louie

Recently, I got a Wizard101 Gift Card. With it came an Ice Cat named Louie. I had gotten an Ice cat before who gave Ice Snake card and I hated him. But Louie gave Dragonblade, and not just one Dragonblade, but two! And to top it off, these Dragonblades counted seperately, so they could be stacked. So I went out and fought some easy bosses to see how high I could hit by myself.
First I fought Blackhope and got about 14,000
 After that I remembered my Mander Polymorph card, and how he could do Balance Blade. I put the card in my deck and tried again with a Garganutan treasure card on Rattlebones minion....
 Now I know this isn't all that amazing (Especially if you watch this 21 Million wild bolt or this Leviathan that was so big it went negative). But for a Skeletal Pirate, by myself, with no treasure cards other than that one Gargantuan.... It's pretty good. One of these days I'll try to get some help, maybe get a balance kid to give me Bladestorm, buy some treasure cards, that sort of thing. Then I'll do some smashing. And don't forget to get a Louie!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ding 55

Yup, I'm finally level 55, that means that....
1. I am at the higher end of Celestia levels
and 2. I get my snake oar wand!  (cursed staff) YAY!
well that's it for now see ya!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone!
And to help you celebrate it, here's a picture of Santa and an angry baby.
Merry Christmas!

-Myrna and Malorn

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Mysterious Pink Square of Mystery

I got the Stars Icon housing item from the bazaar today, and when I went to put it in my celestian themed house, I noticed this....
 What is it? You may ask. Why, it's a Mysterious Pink Square of Mystery! Which is just a fancy way of saying I have no clue. Is it something weird about my house? Is it a side effect from a housing item (like the leaky roof that comes from the celestian fish fountain)?  Is it a standard issue Mysterious Pink Square of Mystery that comes with all Royal Playhouses? Or is it just a simple glitch (like the floating squares in the labyrinth and big ben)?  The world may never know.

Best Place to Learn about Celestian Furniture

Just after I posted about the Sun and Star Icon I found this on central. It's a list with all of the things I've found and more. Go check it out! Thanks William Ghostrider (obviously my long lost brother) for this awesome list!
->The Guy who has the same last name as me's list<-


And Some More Celestia Housing (Star Icon)

Remember this guy from a couple days ago?
 Well it appears he has a brother.... That's right, a Star Icon!
Do you know what that means? It means that somewhere out there, there is a moon icon. Hmm, I wonder what that looks like?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Myrna hit the Celestia housing Jackpot

Today Myrna decided to follow my footsteps and do some bazaar farming. She got....
This is BIG
 Myrna waited a little too long for this one and missed it.
 This isn't celestial but I just thought it was a cool thing.
This one was too expensive.
Here's a picture of my celestia house, in the right hand corner you can see my latest catch, Watermole campfire with fish!

Also, Myrna finally got that large willow tree that I posted from yesterday. All these awesome housing items Myrna then traded to me for favors like, Me leveling her up and decorating her house. But it's definently worth it. Now there is just one more thing I really want.... THE WHITE WHALE. well not the white whale, more of the WHITE OCTOPUS. Meaning the Cephalapod Statue. He has thwarted my efforts to obtain him quite a few times now. Every time I see him in the bazaar he'll say TRANSACTION WAS NOT A SUCCESS, or i'll be out of money. Grrrr. I'LL GET YOU ONE DAY!
The evil Octopus
Well, I wonder what i'll find tomorrow!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Malorn hit the Celestia Housing Jackpot

After losing so many beautiful housing items to the fact that I had no gold I started my mission. It was to get a ton of gold, and farm the bazaar. So I went out , did some quests, and got a nice solid 20,000. I then went to the bazaar and started. It was a very good idea. I got....
                                                          2 of these
And ya can't forget my first catch  of the night, water mole weapon rack!
1 of these (No It isn'ta small evergreen, I accidently just had that highlighted, I believe it's called something like short palm shrub.)
                          Interesting chair, now i just need a table that matches.
Someone got this one seconds before I pressed 'Buy', Oh well, cause I got this....
The Grand Astrolabe. Just like the one in celestia base camp, only not broken.
Apart from those I got a bulletin board and another runestone spiral (my second) and also my fifth krokotpia tent.

The Newest Celestia Housing Drops

Every day I am finding more celestia housing! It's great. The first is a forge that is based off of one in the District of Stars, the other is a big tree in The Floating Land

It's amazing, these things always pop up when I have no money, and never appear when I have a lot.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

New Celestia Commercial

I found this interesting new celestia commercial today.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Photographer: Krokotopia Edition

Here's my second posting of my photographer series.

If you comment, Please also say which one is your favorite as I will be making a "Best Of" Edition at the end.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Celestia housing.... WHERE WILL IT ALL END?

Found some more celestia housing, the drills! You know, like the one in  Celestia Base Camp. This one was shown to me by the same person that had the crane. You can even see that she floated a crate so it looks like the crane is picking it up.

You can even ride them!

Now I just have to wait for another one.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Still more Celestia housing....

Well, I had to say it, what's next? Well I found just the other day ANOTHER cool celestia housing item. This one was actually almost predicted by Friendly back in september... (Click Here). There he talked about this crystal ball that was glowing and how it might be a housing item one day, well here it is, the only difference being this one is a lot cooler.
The moment I  saw it I scrambled to sell enough to buy it but it was too late....
Oh well, what else will we find?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

even MORE awesome celestia housing

well, since my last post i saw another one of my statues at the bazaar, and i friend of mine got this....
yea, it's a crane, what's next?


it even comes with the stand, and there's no limit to how many you can get so start farming NOW!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Shark Hut

As you know there are new celestian housing items. But not only are there some at the shop, bosses drop them. On The Friendly Necromancer I saw that he had posted that he had found Brain Coral and some type of Celestian archway thing. Just today though I found this ....
I would have bought it, but as you can see I kinda had no money.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Photographer: Wizard City Edition

Well I went every in Wizard City and took pics, and discovered something tragic .... CRAB ALLEY CAN'T BE MARKED ANYMORE!! so if you have it marked, save it for a special time....
But in other news here are my pics of Wizard City. Next week I will do a Krokotopia version.