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Basically any new ideas for Houses I should decorate. Comment on which is your favorite, and any new ideas you may have! If you love housing, feel free to use any of these ideas! But please donate your own ideas to help contribute to the list. Many of these houses I don't have nearly enough ideas to decorate an entire house with. Without enough ideas my houses can look boring! I really need your ideas so please comment! I also need new ideas for houses themselves! Go to the chat box at the bottom of this page to comment. On the discussion chat you can say anything house related. Whether it's questions, ideas, or suggestions, it's all helpful. If you guys don't comment then I will have to pick a random house myself, and it might not end out well. I want your opinions on which house you guys think would be best. So remember, check out that chat! Happy House Decorating!
1. Pirate's CoveCHOSEN 
Ever since the CL houses came out, I wanted to do something about the ocean of the Island Getaway. In this house, I would attempt to create, using crates and carpets, an actual pirate ship! the downside to this house is that I would have to destroy my Island house....

2. Post Apocalyptic The BattlefieldCHOSEN
This house would probably be put in the Dragonspyre house Marleybone House. Basically, I would attempt to make it look like a destroyed city The perfect house would be infested with the zombie pets. Unfortunately, they are very difficult to get, and populating a house with the wouldn't be easy. Maybe those marleybonian robot pets would work....

3. Myth MansionCHOSEN
They typical Wizard City home. The outside will be full of tents and other carnival stuff. I will also use carpet tricks to hide the minigame housing items inside of the tents. Just a big party house.

4. Krokotopian DigsiteCHOSEN
This would be in the large small krokotopia house. At the little pond, there will be a marleybonian campsite. The house temple itself (the building) I will bury in sand and blocks of sandstone. The only way to access it would be to go through the cave, and over a small bridge. You will then drop through a hole in the piles of sand, and land in a tomb. The tent will be decorated marleybonian style.

5. Ninja Pig Village(Idea by Caitlin Daisyglade)
This would be in the large Mooshu House. In it I would make a variety of things. They could range from flower and rock gardens, to small forests, to villages of ninja pigs. I haven't had many ideas of what to do for this potential house, so ideas are greatly appreciated.

6. Art Museum
This would be in my Myth House. Here I would experiment "sculpting". This is where I make a piece of art by mixing two or more housing items together by using a carpet trick. The entire house would be full of my art.

7. Redo The Island
There is one obvious problem with this house. I would have to destroy The Island. All I would do is take apart the house, and put it back together again, differently. The main differences would be that there would be no Temple of Death, and there would be at least one more village hiding in the jungle.

8. Narnia
This house would be an attempt to recreate the land of narnia. It would be put in the ice house. The outside would be covered in a pine tree forest, with many hidden secrets. The gobbler cave would be Tumnus's home (although he will not be able to be home, as I don't have a satyr pet to put there), and in the woods there would be other hidden touches, like a wardrobe, lamppost, and even Aslan! Inside the tower would be the White Witches castle, which would have a dungeon, people that the witch froze (statues) and anything else I can think of.

9. Jungle Ruins
Located in my Myth house. There will be a maze of trees with dragonspyre pillars and ruins scattered throughout. If this house is chosen, I may even make some sort of storyline to go along with it. In that case I may be able to do a lot of traps, mazes, and secret passages all throughout the house.

10. Ghostrider Gardens
This house would be located in my myth house as well. It would be decorated as a sort of royal castle, but with lots of plants. All seven ten of my Large Willow trees will be spread throughout this house, and tons of other trees, flowers, and plants.

11. Hogwarts
I probably will not be able to do this house, so I'm only putting up here for you guys. It would work best in a MFP (Massive Fantasy Palace). In the outside you could put things like a Quidditch field, Dark Forest, and Hagrid's Hut. On the inside you could put each schools commons room and the great hall. This house would have a ton of possibilities, but I don't have a MFP, so I wouldn't be able to make this house.

12. Floating Paradise(Idea by The Elementalists (Zachary Ravendreamer, Mark Stormhunter, and Mark Raventhorn))
For this house, I would float carpets high above a house of mine (doesn't really matter which one), and decorate it with crystals, columns, and even maybe a royal throne room. This carpet castle could become very large, with many different parts.

13. Haunted HouseRESERVED FOR OCTOBER 2011
This house would be located in the Death House. The theme would obviously be anything haunted or death related. I could float candles all around the inside, and scatter the house with bones and graveyards. More ideas will come for this when October comes nearer.

14. Island VillageCHOSEN
This house would be located in the Island Getaway House. Unlike The Island (which was a single path house) this house will be really open. I'll make huts for the inhabitants (probably goats) and all sorts of tiki and totem poles. This house will also be more like The Floating Land, and less like The Island, where there will be more Palm Trees than Large Willow Trees and Tree Stumps. 

15.Barbaric Fort
This would be located in the small Grizzleheim house. It would be decorated to resemble a Grizzleheim fort. A  forest would cover the outside, with wildclaws and other monsters running around. I would block off the entrance to the Nidavellir section, and make the entrance through a carpet trick of some sort. 

16. Sultan's Ruins
This house would only be possible if I ever got a Sultan's Palace. So there's a big chance I won't ever make this house. It will be mostly a Krokotopia Themed house. On the outside would be ruins, and Marleybone campsites, with excavations everywhere. The inside however, will be surviving. There will be mazes to get inside, and all sorts of other things. It will be a lot like the Drake Caves, only desert themed.

17. Wintertusk
I would make this in the Ice House. Pretty much, I'd just recreate Wintertusk. I'd make maple trees for austilund, lava fountains for nordrilund, forests of pine trees, etc. I haven't thought much about this house yet, so I don't have a lot of ideas.

18. Wizard's Library
I will make this in the new Wizard's Watchtower house. It will be pretty much a library, with some dragonspyre themes (since the house seems to have an overall "Dragon" feel). I could categorize different sections. For instance, the ground floor could be elemental magic library, second floor could be spirit magic, and the telescope room could be astral magic (don't worry balance wizards, I'm sure I can find a room for your brand of magic too).

19. Overgrown Tower
This house would be located in the Wizard's Watchtower. It would be mainly Wysteria themed. I'd float Large Willow trees and large tree stumps all along the outside, to give the impression that a root is growing up the walls. The inside would start out with just a few signs of the root, but as you go farther, the house becomes more and more overgrown.

Now that you've seen the houses, go post your opinion at the chat box!

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