Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Housing Showcase: Cody Raventhorn

Yesterday I had the opportunity to see two really amazing houses. One owned by a fellow Housing Maniac (Travis Titanthief), and the other by Cody Raventhorn. Yes, the same Cody Raventhorn that owned the amazing MFP that Paige Moonshade showcased a while back. I forgot to take pictures of Travis's houses, so I'll do that later today and show his house tomorrow or the next day. Luckily though, I did take pictures of Cody's house. Though this house was not his MFP, but an older house. Some of the house has lost its former glory, as Cody took out of it to make his MFP greater. But it still has plenty off amazing areas. Here they are!

Grand Entrance to the Hedge Maze. Notice how he used carpet tricks to cover up the crystal lampposts with bushes.

This is one of my favorite parts. I really like how he used candles to demonstrate the path of the Headmaster's staff.

This is the entrance to one of many towers that Cody made.

View from the tower. If you'll notice, to the left there is another tower. To access it, you have to drop down from a cliff. This then takes you to a pavilion, with an even nicer view of the Headmaster Statue.

Also in the Hedge Maze, there is a temple sort of thing. It's the same design as the smaller towers, but much larger.

Nice view of the entire Hedge Maze. To the left is the Headmaster Statue and Towers, to the left is the temple.

Past the temple is this dark corner.

As it turns out, the temple is also a tower. Here I'm hanging out with a unicorn.

The inside hadn't been worked on a lot, most of the rooms were empty. But the entrance was still very nice.

Tomorrow I'll follow up with an equally amazing showcase of Travis Titanthief. Happy House Decorating!


P.S. Paige has released her latest housing creation. Check it out here!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Harvest Festival: Improvements and Stuff

Thanks to Heather Raven, I've changed the name of the Autumn Carnival to the Harvest Festival. To accompany this name change I'll be putting some pumpkins and other harvest themed housing items. I also edited the Food Cart Food Court area of my house, by adding five crafted moon banners.
I actually ran out of crafting slots after making three of the banners, so I had to put all of the reagents for the other two, and the housing item crafting station, through the shared bank to my other character to craft.

And here is the new and improved food cart food court. This could very well be one of my favorite areas of any house I've made.

I also started on the inside of the house, making a fiery entrance and a banquet hall.

The table was made from 9 tables mixed together to make an X shaped table. 

The entrance of the inside is a Large Willow Tree, with a Red Leaf Tree mixed inside of it, surrounded by fire flowers, torches, and candles mounted on the wall.
All of those trees make for a very nice view. 

I hope to start on the small rooms to the left and right of the entrance tomorrow. They will be a lot like the Fancy Dorm (check dorm room creations tab) I made a while back. The next to rooms will be a library and courtyard, and the highest room (where I am standing in the above picture), I have no idea what to make. Please post suggestions or ideas for what that top room should be on the Housing Discussion Post, or just comment here. Thanks, and Happy House Decorating!


P.S. Check out this post that Arthur Wethersfield (Balance Teacher and KI guy in charge of housing)
made on Central. Here he asks for ideas on new housing items, so check it out! http://www.wizard101central.com/forums/showthread.php?t=168824

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Outside of the Autumn Carnival

After giving up (temporarily) on the pirate ship, I started working on a new house, that I call Autumn Carnival. While decorating it, I realized that it could very well turn out to be the best house I've ever made. It's already my favorite, even better than The Island in my opinion. So far I've managed to finish the outside of this house. Here's what I've got. Enjoy!
 Here is the entrance to my house. The entire house is full of Maple, Fall, and Large Willow Trees. This part also has three carnival tents.
Each of these four tents have a minigame inside.

If you go to the right, you will come upon three pavilions.

Some are filled with items like books, crates, and pottery.

To the right of the pavilions is a secret path...
Ahead of you is one of three different gardens I have in this part.

 Garden #2,
 And garden #3.
 Unicorn Fountains. Each is made from a crafted Water Fountain  (recipe from some guy in the Atheneum of Dragonspyre), a Unicorn Statue, and three Mooshu Boulders.
This massive red tree I made is a combination of two Red Leaf Trees that I mixed together.

 After leaving the valley area, you come up to a small temple. To the right of the temple is a bit of supplies.
                                                The temple itself is a small greenhouse.
                                                                With a swimming pool.
 Oh, and to the left of the temple is a small Maple Tree lined pathway, with some food carts.
I hope to start gathering money for the inside tomorrow. Happy House Decorating!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Theorycrafting: Future Worlds?

I was reading a post by That Pyromancer, and I noticed he had said something about a Western World. That would mean the Americas, so.... A Native American World?

I did a bit of theorycrafting on what that world would be like. First off, you would get an urgent message from Sir Reginald Baxby (The Zebra) about how he is in trouble in a distant world. So, like you have in every other world,  you run off the Ambrose to get a key. Unfortunately, no one has a key to that particular world. So, you run off to Marleybone to borrow one of their Airships, but all of they are being used! You go back to Wizard City empty handed, until Director Bloompa (The gobbler in charge of gobbler drop) offers to give you a ride in the Airship stationed in the Pet Pavilion. So off you go, to the world of (insert cool name here). Suddenly, you hear a bang (this would be a good cutscene) and the Airship starts going down! You crash in the middle of the woods. Luckily you are able to find your way to a small village, where you meet up with Bloompa again. To prove your loyalty to the tribe of villagers though, you must do a series of quests (Defeat a  
Wendigo?), a bit like in Grizzleheim. Once you are part of the tribe, the leader tells you that some of the villagers have gone missing, and you are to find them. So you go off into the woods to find them. A while down the path you see a patch of the forest that has been cut down, with cabins being built. All around the clearing are Cowboy themed enemies, they could all be African animals, like Baxby. You search the camp, and defeat some enemies, but there is no sign of the missing villagers. After defeating the leader of the camp, you discover that the villagers had been taken to the town. So you make your way to the next area of this world. It is a typical Old West Town. There could be a ton of different side quests here (maybe even have an old fashioned duel with the "bad guy" of the town)

After a bit of questing you make your way to the town jail. There you see Sir Reginald Baxby and the missing villagers. Just as you are about to free them though, Morganthe and a gang of cowboys run in. She sends the cowboys to finish you off, but you easily defeat them. She grabs Baxby, and runs off. You would end up chasing her into an old ghost town (first dungeon of the world), and have your first duel with Morganthe. In the end she would end up teleporting away. Now keep in mind, this is only three areas into the world, so there would be much more. Morganthe would probably be there to get some sort of Astral Magic. Maybe this world has a specialty in sun magic. Since Morganthe couldn't get all three astral's at the same time, she's going for them separately. After searching for clues of Morganthe's whereabouts in one area, you find out she has assembled a team of cowboys to dig in an old mine for something. You fight through the mine, and find your way into the Final Dungeon of the world, The Crystal Caves. You fight Morganthe away from the Sun Crystals, and she escapes into a world gate. Just as you are about to chase her through though, the cave starts to collapse! A giant boulder falls on the gate, but you saved the Sun World. As for the other worlds, the Moon world could be a completely Death Themed world. Just as Celestia was made from a combination of many sunken city stories, this world could be a mix of all scary stories (Katzenstein returns?). The final world (Star World) could be the home of the Mystery Celestians. Happy Theorycrafting!


UPDATE: I'd also like to welcome our newest followers, Fin and Quinn, and herculeon7.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sultan's Palace

As it turns out the mysterious image of an Arabian world was a new house! After I heard the news I immediately got online and saw a friend at the house! So I ported and took some pics.

 This owner had already decorated some.
 Hey look! Golden Seal (To the left)! No need to do Wintertusk!
Secret entrance to the gold room.

 The Wall
 Next to PVP ring.
 The Palace
 The Palace

Hey, where'd it go?

 Construction behind temple.

 Main door, but if you go through the ponds, you see some cool stuff, like....
 Hanging gardens, and....
 Back doors!

 Half-way through my second PVP round, the owner of the house ported back. Turns out it was Paige, and she didn't appreciate a crowd of people in her house. So she kicked us out.
Muffins Indeed.

Also, I'm done with my housing break. Yes, it wasn't that long, I just needed to rip apart the Mystery House. I think making a third jungle themed house was just too much, so I started on a new one. The Autumn Carnival. Here are the beginning pics!

That's all for now, Mark Stormhunter wants me to check out his newest floor on the Airship. If you guys want to hear more about that particular house, go to his blog. That's all for now! Happy house decorating!