Night Time Mode

Night time mode is a strange glitch. I've heard that others have experienced it also. It's what I call it when everything goes dark on my screen, everything except especially bright objects, like torches for example. In some worlds, like mooshu, krokotopia, and wizard city, there are also large grey clouds in the sky. I have tons of accounts of them. It is possible to sometimes predict when a night time mode is about to come. If you check your friends list, you may see this. 

The dark friends face.

All the links (as of august 2011) can be found here. But if you don't want to head to all those links, just look here! 

Notice the grey cloud that is present.

This, and the next two pictures were the first night time mode battles  I ever had.

This is the train station of marleybone.
Dragonspyre is so dark that you can't see anything. I managed to get this shot by walking directly in front of the teleporter stone. 

This is the first picture I have of night time mode, although it's not the first time we experienced it. The first time was at someone's life house. They had floated candles all across the sky that, when mixed with the darkness, looked amazing.

Amazing, until suddenly....
It's gone.

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  1. this has apparently been fixded. because it has NEVER happened to me. btw the gray clouds are just the normal clouds that appear in the sky, they are just such a light pigment that they stay whiteish gray, like all other light items.