Thursday, February 24, 2011


I finally became legendary today! I decided to do some celestia quests for a bit, bringing me within 500 xp of my goal. Unfortunately, all of my other celestia quests involved defeating large quantities of enemies for my xp. So I looked through my questbook for some easy quests. I found one marleybone side quests I hadn't finished that involved collecting sand. I did that for a bit, bringing me up to level 60.

Also, while I was sitting at the bazaar I saw someone with this cool pet.
I believe it is a hybrid of two death scarabs. Pretty cool pet though!
As for test realm, I think it's taking too long. Hurry up before I spend all my money on cool housing items! Every day I see more and more cool stuff at the bazaar. Luckily I have Stormriven to regenerate my gold.


Sunday, February 20, 2011


It's nothing big, just a few minor changes. The main thing is that instead of two star icons, you now need two celestian shields. Here's the proof.
Some of the other parts of the recipe might be changed too, but I don't remember much of what the old recipe was. So all of you planning to make this house, start farming for those shields!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Return of the Night Time mode.

I was just wandering around my Island home a few days ago, when suddenly, NIGHT TIME MODE! I ran around and took some screen shots. Then I remembered the Celestial Observatory. I ran over there, and took some more screenshots. Next time night time mode strikes, I really have to check out what the Trial of Spheres looks like in the dark. Here are the pics!

Wow. I hope another Night Time mode comes soon!

Pics of My Celestial Observatory

Thanks to the fact that KI made the Celestial Observatory 10 crowns, I got my own! But after decorating a bit I realized that there were some decorating problems. Whereas houses like the Wizard City houses can be decorated many ways, the celestial observatory can really only be decorated one way. Celestia Themed. Just imagine putting mooshu stuff in there. But I guess it's the kind of house that you don't really need to decorate much to impress people. Here are some of the pics!

Love that house. After that, I decided to get on real realm for a minute or two, and got a couple of cool things at the bazaar.
Ok first thing is the big pink thing on the wall. It's called the Celestian Shield. Only about 690 gold. On the far left you see the fire pit thing. It's called the foul cauldron. I used to have a pit almost identical to it, but it had a lid. This one doesn't, so you get to see the foul concoction inside. Right above the cauldron you see a Paper Lantern Stand. Only about 500 gold. Then there are the two Raven Braziers and below that are the two stone markers. And on the far right is my fourth Power Orb. All of these, except the Foul Cauldron and the Power Orb, are under 1000 gold. That's just a reminder that not all the cool stuff is expensive.


Friday, February 18, 2011


hey guys! just checked test realm, and sure enough, the celestial observatory is for sale for only 10 crowns. Now obviously that is incredibly cheap, so it won't be like that on live realm. KI just wants us to test it out, so head over to test realm!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Island: Test Realm Testing is Going Well.

Ok, so I've been testing out new ideas on my island home. One thing that really interests me is the area beyond where you're allowed to walk. A simple carpet trick allowed me to go to the treetops and beyond....

Then I looked at that sea. Many things could be done there. First idea is an island....

Of course, in real realm I would actually have to craft that grassy mound I used as the island. My other idea was a pirate ship made of crates. I know many people wanted a pirate ship as one of the celestia houses. Unfortunately, it didn't happen. Lucky for us, we have crates! Crates can be used for all sorts of things. So sometime I will definently try to make a pirate ship. As for the rest of the house, I've gotten some great ideas for the outside. As for the inside, it needs many things that cannot be easily bought in test realm.
So here are the pics of the outside.

I was never able to craft this in real realm because of the lack of Grendleweed at the bazaar. But in test realm, everyone decides to sell all of their reagents (That's probably why those people sold the Grassy Mounds and Water Towers I bought, my guess is that the owner of those was trying to build a Grizzleheim house, but decided to try out the celestia one instead).

In real realm I will also try to start gardening some. It would be really nice if this island had some Venus Fly Traps or some other bright plants and flowers.


Saturday, February 12, 2011

I love the Bazaar

The Bazaar is my favorite place in the spiral. You can get so many great things from there. Recently, I have obtained some objects that aren't at the bazaar often. For example....
There were over 200 Black Pearls at the bazaar the other day. I remembered to take a screenshot after buying a few. Other than that, I have gotten a few very nice housing Items at the bazaar. Like....
Not just one, but two Stone Fountains. These fountains can only be crafted by Master Artisans, a recipe bought in Dragonspyre. Also, earlier today I got some nice crafted items on test realm. I wish it was on real realm, but oh well. I got....
 Four Grassy Mounds, Master Aritsan crafted item from Dragonspyre.
Four Wooden Water Towers, Also a Master Artisan crafted item from Dragonspyre.
The last things I got, were four large willow trees. Unfortunately this was on test realm as well. So on real realm I just have to stick with my two large willows. They are definently my favorite trees, their only problem is their height. Most people don't even notice them! So I made a little carpet staircase all the way up to the top, and stuck a Grassy Mound on top. I originally tried putting the Grassy Mounds out at Sea, sort of like little islands.
I later decided against it, but seriously, that ocean is really asking for a pirate ship made of crates to be built out there. I'm going to have to try that sometime.
Anyways, with the small carpet staircase, I built it up above the trees. One day I will try to build one up to the tob of the little mountain. Here are the pics.

Other cool things I've gotten out of the bazaar are a Pavilion, a crafted Weapon Rack, Tons of Celestia housing, and three of the minigames, I think it's potion motion, dueling diego, and sorcery stones. All in all, I love the bazaar. It's where I buy 95% of my stuff, and sell everything I don't want (except the no auction stuff of course).

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Got the Money! Now where is that Celestia House?

Yes, I have the money!
Now I just have to wait for the Celestia houses to come off of test realm, and please hurry up, before I spend it all! Once they come, I will be ready to make the coolest house I have ever made, a lot better than my old Jungle house.
Can't wait!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Almost There

I haven't been on very often, but I've still managed to get up to 80,000 gold, I'm almost there! I'll probably have the money by tomorrow, then I just have to wait for the houses to come off of test realm. I'm thinking of putting tons of traps and stuff on the inside, for example, using a carpet trick to put the marleybonian driller inside of a wall so only the drill sticks out. I might put a few of these around the room, and put small carpets up on the wall as a sort of maze to get out. I've got lots of other great ideas for this house, and in my opinion it will greatly exceed the achievements of my old jungle house. The house I made on test realm prooved that. It won't be hard to recreate that house I made on Test Realm, I didn't use crowns to buy anything on that house other then two little wildclaws, and of course the house itself. I have big ideas for this new house, I can't wait to start decorated!


Friday, February 4, 2011

Just an Update

So I decided to get started on farming up money for the new Celestia House.I headed on over to Stormriven, and with a very inefficient team, got 35,000 gold in an hour. Later with one legendary I was able to kill Marcio in less then a minute. So with a good team, you could get up to 50,000 gold in just an hour. I love Celestia. At this rate I'll have that house within a day of it's release. Then again, that depends on when it gets released. If it's tonight, then maybe not, if it's in a week, then obviously I'll have the 100,000 gold needed. Either way, I can't wait to get started on it. Also, just so you know, Valentine's Day stuff is out.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Me Like the New Houses

Sorry I haven't posted for a while, but I'll make it up to you by making this a super packed post. As you all know, the test realm is up for new houses, new wallpaper, membership privileges, and some other stuff. But when I read the news, I ignored everything but the new houses. True, they are a bit small, but they make up for it by being awesome. One is crowns, one is crafted. I can't craft very difficult things, so I ignored the crafted one. Plus the fact that SOMETHING was wrong, whether a KI mess up or just my computer, there was something wrong with this house. The strange thing is, it only happened in this one house, only on the inside.
And really, it didn't even affect the entire inside, the observatory part was just fine, as these photos proove.

Other than that there was one other glitch I found. I don't think it affects anyone else though. It is a problem with the grizzleheim wallpaper. You see, all of them except the stars and stripes one, turn red when you put them down. See for yourselves!

Weird huh?

So I've left wallpaper off of my little island hut. As for the hut, I experimented with it a bit, and once I found out it's potential, I ripped apart my old jungle, all thoughts of the Mayan Pyramid vanishing with it. This house is pretty amazing I think, and I built it in just over an hour. Here are the pics.

 Myrna actually thought of this one, a sand Sphinx!

I like this part, it's an indiana jones style things, with the falling boulder! At the end there is a little pedestal I will put a crystal on in real realm.
 Ha I ain't scared of no boulders!
 Ah! Never Mind!

 This is the grove area of my house, in real realm I'll put flowers and stuff around here

 This is the cave, I didn't know where to put my shark heads at first, then I remembered this cool little area.

This is the main hall, I know there isn't much on the inside, but I've been working mostly on the outside. Even though this is test realm, I didn't use any of the crowns given to me to buy this stuff. Well, maybe I did buy two of the Wildclaws in the grove, but that's it. All this stuff came from my old Jungle house. I don't regret destroyg it, when I build this on real realm, it will be MUCH better than that thing ever was. Of course I gotta get 100,000 gold first. Won't be too hard, just a bit of celestia farming.