Sunday, July 31, 2011

Even better rewards.

Today we hit 40 followers! So in honor of our 40th follower, I am making a special Question of the day today. Recently I have been getting 100,000 points or more (tier 7) on doodle doug. I've gotten rewards such as Storm Snowmen(x4), Umbra Sword(x3), Black Panther(x2), Dragon's Hoard(x2) and Krokotopian Hammock(x1). There are also the not as good prizes, such as gobbler transformation, energy elixir, and Pbj Sandwich. I believe you get three of these prizes, and 2000 gold. Today's contest will have three winners. The first person to get the question right has a chance at three of these rewards, and 2000 gold. The second and third place winners will get the usual tier 6 codes, that give 1000 gold, and rewards including moonlight pony, and viridian scepter. Since the rewards are so good today, the question will be extra hard, something you can't find on wiki.

What building is to the left of this shop in marleybone?
Name of the shop is "expedition outfitters". Being on ground level, it has to be in Regent's Square. 
Good Luck! 

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tower and Stuff

Well Paige's contest is over. Congratulations to all the winners! I have to say that I kind of disagreed with some of the judges, mostly that Cody Raventhorn's dorm only got an  "Honorable Mention".

On to other stuff. I decided to make something similar to that tower that I posted yesterday. I just started on it last night, so there are only three floors (not counting ground floor).

I will continue to add on to it. Currently it takes up 60 spaces. Most of that comes from the ground floor. Every other floor after this should only take 6 spaces, so I should be able to make a lot of floors. I don't really have much to post about these days. Maybe Myrna will have something to say. I guess it's time for the question of the day! Who won grand prize in Paige's Contest? 
Good Luck!


P.S. Myrna has decided to make a separate website. Go to it here!

Friday, July 29, 2011


Helloo!! I'm Myrna, I'm Malorn's sister and started this blog.
But several months ago I stopped playing so Malorn took over the blog.
Therefore none of you have any idea who I am.
I just started playing again so I am starting blogging again which means that the blog will be redesigned to have me in it.

/\ /\


Krotopian Digsite

This house I made on Myrna's character, since I had filled up 3/3 housing spaces on Malorn. This house was also the quickest house I've made yet, taking only 2 days to complete.
Campsite 1, with palms.

Campsite 1

Campsite 2 and Lower Digsite

Main Digsite

Krok Princes

Inner Chamber

Inside the tent, main view.

Couches with photos.

Other couches with photos.

Library 1

Library 2 with scroll racks.

Notice the trunks stored under the stairs.

Bedroom view 1

Study, Statue, and Fountain.


Originally I wasn't going to make a post today. Really all I've been doing is working on my Oasis Camp. I've almost finished it, all I need now is a stone fountain (the Mooshu kind) and It'll be done. It's (at only two days) by far the fastest house I've ever made. So, if I wasn't planning on posting today, what made me? Well, yesterday I saw this, and I had to post it....

Wow. I saw it on a post on central, where Fawne was asking for houses that she would feature on  Wizard Weekly. The tower comes from this thread. The creator's central name is Mufan.

Just thought that I'd share this with you. I may one day try making something like this. You may have noticed that in the "My Houses" tab I have different sections, like dorms, small houses, large houses, etc. One of these sections is called experimental houses. The experimental houses would be things that are only one thing in the house. For instance, a tower like Mufan's, the pirate ship, or an idea I had a while back of mixing 250 floor braziers together using "The Greatest Glitch of all", to make a super flame. Well that's all I have for now, so I guess we'll move on to the Daily Contest!

What type of pet does Mufan have equipped in the above picture, and what two kinds of pet are it's parents? All names must be spelled correctly. Good Luck!


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Krokotopian Digsite

I have 3/3 housing slots filled up on Malorn, so I decided that for my next house, I would have to make it on Myrna's character. I've been wanting to make a krokotopian themed house for a while now, preferably with a Sultan's Palace. Unfortunately, I have no Sultan's Palace, so I will be making a small house.
The first thing I did was put down all of my tents. Through all of my time sitting at the bazaar, I've sniped a total of 15+ Krokotopian Grand Tents. Unfortunately, I've sold a few, but I still have 11. What I'm really hoping for though, is that one of these days I'll get a Krokotopian Camping tent..... 

This is the second campsite. The first will be mostly palm trees and supplies, but this one will have a small excavation.

The main excavation will be in this tomb though, which has been the most expensive part of this house so far, because of all of the statues I had to buy.

While the outside of this house is an excavation, the inside will be more of a fancy marleybonian house. The leader of this expedition would lounge around here, while the others worked. 

I still need two more krokotopian photos for these couches.

I have this Krok Hieroglyph  finished, but I need to get another statue for the other side.

I'm also thinking of buying some celestian palm trees to put on the inside to give it more of an oasis feel.

I think the bedroom needs some water fountains.

Question of the Day: What is the name of the plant is this picture?
(The one in the blue vase). Remember that Wizard101central wiki is useful.

Good Luck!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Drake Caves

Here's is my latest house,  The Drake Caves.

Follow the claws.

To the left of the door is a ruined garden.

To the right is an entrance to some caves. Unfortunately, it's blocked off. So head to the left, into some more caves to try to get around.

Unfortunately, that's blocked off too.

The real way in is a secret passage on the other side.

It drops you into a pit. Go behind the colossus statue to go back up again.
You're now above ground, behind the pillar again.


Left or right?

Right is a dead end.

So left.

Go around.

Watch out for bats.

And dragons in mini hot tubs.

Eventually you will come upon another wood plank that will drop you in these caves.

Find your way through the endless, pitch black, caves.

Eventually you will come upon this memorial fountain, across from it, is the entrance to the inside.

But first, you must cross a fire pit.

Go around the rocks to the left.

Through the narrow gap.

Off the diving board (Stay to the left, or you'll get stuck).

And through the fire.

Go up the ramp.

Fight a troll.

And enter the tower.

What is this ancient platform used for?


Crystal Spirals and Hydra Busts.

The main entrance (it's not blocked so really you didn't have to go through all those caves).

What do you call a four-headed hydra?

Up the ramps.

The left and right side rooms are identical.

Throne room.

Dragon Rider Statue.

Dragon Rider Throne.

That's all for now, so happy house decorating!