Monday, June 6, 2011

The Greatest Glitch of All....

*Sigh* I have great reason to believe that I will regret making this post. You see, every time I reveal a secret of mine, KI takes it away with the next update. But here it goes. The greatest housing glitch of all, how to mix things, without carpets....
First I will demonstrate how do so with a carpet. First put the object down. It can be any object, I just felt like using a carpet for the demonstration.

Then click the move button. You can hover the object without actually putting it somewhere.

Now before you put it down, click on something from your inventory. The object will freeze in mid-air, non existent, until you leave the area and come back (go inside and then go back outside).

Notice how I can't jump up on it like a normal carpet would? It's technically not there, all it is is an optical illusion.

This also works with other objects. It's how I did all of those mixing tricks

After doing the trick multiple times, here is the finished product, the super candle. 

Well there you guys go. You might as well run out there and do the trick as much as possible before KI takes it from us. I'd also like to welcome The Strong Sorcerer, our latest follower. That's all for now, so Happy Mixing!


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