Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Elementalists Party was (is) Awesome!

As most of you should know, The Elementalists hosted an awesome party at their Airship house. It was lots of fun, with all sorts of contests. Here's a nice picture of everyone who was there at the beginning of the party.
But where's Malorn?

Right behind that guy with the Forest Lord and spear. I would have asked him to move, but hey, he was the one with a five foot long medieval looking spear and a ferocious monster.

After some fun at the Airship, Mark took us to the Carnival! There he showed me his latest mystery item. I'm telling you guys, KI is beginning to mass produce these new housing items! YES!!! I like new housing items. With every new housing item comes unlimited new possibilities. Well at least in most cases. Also while at that house, I noticed to gigantic housing items Mark had. 

Some housing items images at the shop can be very deceiving. Things like the Spider Egg-Sack and Crab Lean-To are about 1/10 of the size I thought they'd be, and things like the Easter Island Head (I don't think that's it's real name, I just call it that) and Pointed Boulder (Mooshu Rock) are about 10 times the size you'd think they are. I wish at shops you could compare the housing item to something, so we could tell how big it is before buying it. All in all, it was a lot of fun. And if you guys haven't been there yet, check it out! It's still going on! Just head on over to the Ravenwood Storm Tower in pixie realm, area 1, and yell the secret password ("I like your pet" from the Menu Chat thing) to the Mark Stormhunter port bus! Don't miss out!

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  1. I wish I could go to the party! Sounds like you guys had fun!