Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Final Contest Reminder

Today is your last day to turn in your pictures of dorms for the contest. I will accept them before the party tomorrow (that would be before Eastern Time: 3:00 PM, Central Time: 2:00  PM, Pacific Time: 12:00 PM), but I would really prefer that I get those in today. I haven't received very many entries yet, so please send those in as soon as possible. Remember that you can just send those pictures to malornghostrider@gmail.com, or just send a message containing the pictures to malorn ghostrider on wizard101 central. 

I don't really have a lot to say on this post, so it may be pretty short. I've got the 150,000 prize money for the contest,  but I may save up a little extra for a scavenger hunt contest that will take place at the party. There are six harvest pumpkins hidden around my house, three inside, three outside. First person to find those will win a small treasure card prize.

Hmmm.... What else....


Well it appears that I can't find anything else to post about today. Please enjoy this video.


P.S. Please check out this blog. http://theheroicpyromancer.blogspot.com/

UPDATE I'd also like to mention that I recently got a new counter showing our page views (it's the one that says page views (accurate)). The other one only showed the page views starting at the date it was added. As it turns out, we are over 11,000 page views, so the party and contest will also be in honor of hitting 10,000 page views.


  1. I just emailed you my entry XD Enjoy and good luck to everyone else :)
    -Blaze Shadowhorn