Sunday, June 12, 2011

In The Depths Of Nastrond

Today I did Nastrond. No, I didn't have the quest (I haven't even finished Grizzleheim yet), I just did it for the money.
Here we are, just inside of the entrance of Nastrond.

These Frost Trolls were pretty funny, look at their blond sideburns.

They also did a pretty funny move when you defeated them.

Most of the battles were finished when Travis Titanthief pulled out his Humongofrog card.

 Equipped with Gargantuan, and three or four blades, the results are pretty powerful.

After three different boss fights, and multiple battles against Viking Skeletons (All defeated easily thanks to Travis's Humongofrog) we came to Jotungaard (Spelled wrong?). 

Unfortunately, my computer froze up and shut down when I took this picture. I managed to start it back up and load Wizard101 back up again. For some reason, even though I had logged out, I didn't leave the dungeon. So I simply walked over and joined the fight.

When I got there, Sudri had already fallen, and Travis took out  Austri with his humongofrog just a few turns after I joined the fight. 

I managed to kill Vestri with a gargantuan'd pirate.

Nordri wasn't too happy about that.

One more to go.

Since he was death, and I forgot to put in converts, I just hit Nordri with a bunch of feints and curses. I had put down my third feint, when everyone else decided to hit him with the combined force of a humongofrog (with all the blades), Efreet, and Dragon. 

Everwinter has been averted.

I also took Kol's throne from him. Whatever happened to him? He was here just before our fight. You'd think that after defeating the giant bros you would have to fight him. Oh well, maybe he fell into the little fire ring around the throne.

And I got a nice 30,000 gold from it. That means that the winner of the contest gets 50,000 gold worth of treasure cards, as of today. Remember that I still have two days to farm for gold.

And I'd like to remind you all that the party is on Wednesday June 15, at Eastern Time: 3:00 PM, Central Time: 2:00  PM, Pacific Time: 12:00 PM. My port bus will be in front of Bartelby in Wraith Realm, Area 1. 

That's all for now, so Happy Dorm Room Decorating!


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