Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Well guys, in this past week, I've made tons of advancements onto the Harvest Festival.
 I've swapped out the entrance hall for a much nicer one....
Lined the fire trail with some trees....

Filled the empty rooms....

Crafted a bunch of stuff....
Hidden Pumpkins for a scavenger hunt, set the table, got the food, sent the invitations....

And reached the housing limit on the inside.

So the question is.... Should I be done? All the rooms are filled, and the inside is most definitely done. Should I add some extra details now, or later? If I add them now, the party and *cough cough* contest *cough cough* will be delayed, but the house will look nicer for the party. If I add them later, the party and contest will be sooner, and the house will still look great. I will leave it up to you guys. Please comment your opinion on this post. That's all for the housing section of this post. Now for a cool thing. While farming the column bosses for money, I fought alongside a wizard who had bought the Mega Pack. While fighting I noticed a very   interesting thing about the flute-wand that comes with the pack. Look!

While summoning spell (he's casting a polymorph spell) you actually play the flute! I just thought that was pretty cool. The tune it plays isn't half bad either. Happy House Decorating!



  1. I think you should decorate later.

  2. Well done! I myself think you should decorate later so we can go ahead and have the party and *cough cough* contest *cough cough* i am positive it will be better than ours lol