Saturday, June 11, 2011

Harvest Festival is out/Backflips

First off, I'd just like to mention that the harvest festival page is out, so check that out. Also, I'd like to show a few other cool stuff. First, I unlocked Hrundle Fjord with crowns. No, I don't have the questline, but I've just been farming the street guys, getting more money than Stormriven, in much quicker battles. I now have over 70,000 gold. All to give to the winners of the Dorm Contest. You might want to think about entering now. While fighting, I noticed two things. One, when you cast a spell with the new dragon sword, you do a backflip. Here's a picture of a wizard in the process of casting a spell.
First the charmer's flute, now this? KI is getting more creative.

Also, the Scarecrow has a changed animation. After attacking enemies, he too does a backflip into the ground. This picture was taken a bit late, so you can only see the dirt flying. 

Oh, and to give you proof that I have tons of money ready for the contest, here's this picture.

 50,000 of it I earned just today. I still have until Wednesday to earn money. If you want cards worth 50,000+ gold, you may want to think about joining. 
Just send the pictures to

That's all for now, so Happy Dorm Room Decorating!


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