Thursday, June 9, 2011

More Parties, More Contests, And Way More Dragon Bones

Well, I got the Dragon Hoard pack.

Apart from the robe and pet, none of it was that great. But even though I personally didn't get anything great, this pack still helps me. You see, many of the very rare dragon related housing items come with this pack. These include, the semi-rare dragon pedestal....

And the very rare dragon skulls!

Notice how there are 100 of them.... The only problem is that they aren't very rare any more.

So I bought four. But other friends of mine bought way more (Travis Titanthief bought 20....)

As for the party, 3 people can come, 3 might be able to, and one can't come. Remember that the party is on....

 Wednesday June 15, at Eastern Time: 3:00 PM, Central Time: 2:00  PM, Pacific Time: 12:00 PM. My port bus will be in front of Bartelby in Wraith Realm, Area 1. 

Oh! Can't forget the contest! I haven't received any entries yet, but I've only given you guys one day, so that's not surprising. I haven't really had any time to farm for money yet, but I will be starting most of my farming tomorrow. Happy Dorm Room Decorating!


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