Thursday, June 16, 2011

Party was great! Contest Winner are....

The party was awesome, we got a ton of people, including the owners of blogs such as....
Fin and Quinn
The Diviners Lane
A Pyromancer's Say
The Elementalists
The Heroic Pyromancer
Epic Thaumaturge
and more!

After the party was over, I headed over to Blaze Shadowhorn's house (Owner of mywizard101 site), and had a post party dance party with Blaze, Fin and Quinn, Amber Rosepetal, and Bailey Skystaff.

And of course, a bit of nighttime mode kicked in, making it very difficult for me to see. I had to use "Little Malorn" the port bus to walk around.

Nighttime pool party.

Mark Stormhunter, Vanessa Emeraldglade, Fin and Quinn, and Little Malorn.

The Winner of the Scavenger hunt was Jasmine Sunblade

55 Tower Shields was the prize.

And the post party dance party. 

Ok, on to the next part. The dorm competition was a bit confusing. For third place there was a tie. So what I am going to do is put a poll up voting for the winners of  3rd place.
THIRD PLACE Aaron Starheart's "Tranquil Mooshu" Dorm
Competing against that is Mark Stormhunter's "Not so Tranquil Mooshu" Dorm

UPDATE after looking through my screenshots, I remembered another contestant that I had forgotten, I will add her to the third place section.
Caitlin Daisyglade's "Forgotten Kingdorm"



I would give you guys pictures of their dorms, but my computer is kind of acting up, and the pictures are getting all weird. The winners will have to find a time and place to meet up with me for the prize.
Happy House Decorating!


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