Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Housing Showcase Travis Titanthief

Before I start on this post, I'd like to introduce a very new blog to the spiral, The Heroic Pyromancer. Please check it out here! Now for that Housing Showcase. In most of my houses, I stick to one theme. That's just how I work. The entire house is centered around one theme. When I went to Travis's house, I realized that houses can be amazing, without a set theme. He actually showed me around two of his houses, and I ported to a third that he was working on. Unfortunately, I only have pictures of one of those houses. Maybe some other day I will be able to show you pictures of those houses as well. And without further ado, here is Travis Titanthief's Celestial Observatory!
Here we have the grand entrance to the home.

The pvp ring is guarded by minotaurs and helephants. Travis is also a true master of housing tricks, stacking multiple hedges on top of each other to make a new housing item. But mixing a few hedges is certainly not the extent of his tricks.

Being death, I naturally liked this.

This room looks nice, but the trees disguise a secret.


Going up.

And up.

And up.

And up.

One more up.


But that's not all, next to the pvp ring is this cool area.

Going down this time.

If you head through the wall in front of you, you will come upon an amazing room underneath the pvp ring. Just be careful not to get sucked into a battle!

More of the secret pvp room.

Grand Entrance to the tower, guarded by a mannequin (one of many that I have seen in his houses).


Diving Board.

Celestial Guards

Celestial Guards, Fountain, and two Crab Claw Statues.

Probably one of my favorite spots is this floor (aside from the carpet tricks outside).

Broken Jail Cell is guarded by two statues.

Lots of Jail Cells.

That's all I have of this house, and it is only one of many amazing houses that Travis owns. I'd like to showcase his MFP and MSP some day as well. If ever you see Travis, be sure to compliment him on making these cool houses. Happy House Decorating!



  1. you forgot the evil lab and the pet counsel those are my favorite parts......and it had a theme (sort of) it was the hosting place of evil convention; evil theme

  2. Well I'd better get screenshots of those areas and include those in a later post.