Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Housing Showcase: Cody Raventhorn

Yesterday I had the opportunity to see two really amazing houses. One owned by a fellow Housing Maniac (Travis Titanthief), and the other by Cody Raventhorn. Yes, the same Cody Raventhorn that owned the amazing MFP that Paige Moonshade showcased a while back. I forgot to take pictures of Travis's houses, so I'll do that later today and show his house tomorrow or the next day. Luckily though, I did take pictures of Cody's house. Though this house was not his MFP, but an older house. Some of the house has lost its former glory, as Cody took out of it to make his MFP greater. But it still has plenty off amazing areas. Here they are!

Grand Entrance to the Hedge Maze. Notice how he used carpet tricks to cover up the crystal lampposts with bushes.

This is one of my favorite parts. I really like how he used candles to demonstrate the path of the Headmaster's staff.

This is the entrance to one of many towers that Cody made.

View from the tower. If you'll notice, to the left there is another tower. To access it, you have to drop down from a cliff. This then takes you to a pavilion, with an even nicer view of the Headmaster Statue.

Also in the Hedge Maze, there is a temple sort of thing. It's the same design as the smaller towers, but much larger.

Nice view of the entire Hedge Maze. To the left is the Headmaster Statue and Towers, to the left is the temple.

Past the temple is this dark corner.

As it turns out, the temple is also a tower. Here I'm hanging out with a unicorn.

The inside hadn't been worked on a lot, most of the rooms were empty. But the entrance was still very nice.

Tomorrow I'll follow up with an equally amazing showcase of Travis Titanthief. Happy House Decorating!


P.S. Paige has released her latest housing creation. Check it out here!

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