Friday, May 20, 2011

Cruise Ship?

A few days ago I had the pleasure of visiting this very cool creation. I teleported to my friend as the owner of the house was building this. It's a bit like what I am trying to do with my Pirate Ship. The house wasn't a pirate ship though, it was some sort of cruise ship, but what's the difference?
 There were at least 3 or 4 of those crafted beds at this house. And lots of windows with cool views.
 There were lots of hallways....
 There's another one of those beds.
 Eating area.
 Ladder to second floor.
 Second floor. To my left is the ladder to the top floor.
 There are a few rows of seats, with the pilot's seat in the front.
 View from the island. This house also had a few other interesting areas.
 This crafted Clocktower was a lot bigger than I thought it would be.
 And here is another stage of some sort.  All in all it was a very cool house.
As for my progress of the Pirate Ship, I stuck as many bookcases as I could on it, but now I've run out of both bookcases and gold. It's very difficult sticking each bookcase on. I have to do a variety of different carpet tricks to put it on. For example, I have to move some carpets temporarily, so that I can fit the bookcase on. But to make the carpet go back to where it was, I have to pick up other carpets, and move it around, and then refresh the screen by leaving the house and porting back. All to put one Bookcase.

This could take a while.

So every now and then I get annoyed with the Pirate Ship and leave to work on another house. The Pirate Ship may not be my main house for now. I will be working on it still, just not as much. Whenever I get more gold I will buy bookcases. Then I will place them, and leave to work on another house. The house I am working on currently (when I'm not working on the pirate ship) is a bit of a mix of a mansion and a jungle. I'm calling it "Ghostrider Gardens" for now. I might be able to post some pics of that tomorrow. Happy House Decorating!


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