Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Experimenting with Pirate Ship Ideas

 The Pirate ship will definitely be the most difficult of my houses to create. So even though I haven't torn down the Island yet, I have started experimenting with the pirate ship. What I will do to get the carpets into the ocean will be pretty tough. What I will have to do is put one carpet down, then another carpet on top of that. Then pick the first carpet up, and put it on the second, and so on and so on, until we are in the middle of the ocean. Then, I will be able to put other carpets on that carpet to make an outline. Sort of like this....
After the outline is made, I can start to fill it in with other carpets.
This outline of the pirate ship has a lot of holes, but remember, this is just a rough outline of the ship. In the real ship I will try to have no holes. Putting the carpet outline will be the toughest part (apart from staying within the housing limit of 250). I will have to buy tons of crates after that, maybe enough to reach the limit of 250. I have a few crates already, which you can see stacked up in my myth house in the picture below. Those will not be able to cover the entire ship though.
 That's all I've done so far on ideas for the pirate ship. But I do need help on one thing, what should I do for the sails? I haven't been able to find anything that could resemble a sail, so I might end up leaving it without sails, just an empty mast. Comment below, or on the housing ideas tab if you have an idea.
Oh, and here's a cool house I went to. The owner of the house (with the telescope) managed to make a carpet go under the pool here, so you can go swimming (although I don't know if you would really want to)!
I've seen something like this once before, in a myth house. This is definitely a cool housing trick! Happy House decorating!


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  1. Try a table. If it's like, going to be a rough pirate ship you gotta do this type:
    It's called the Rough Wooden Table. They are very nice :)
    As well as you can use crates to make the sail start, ect. An idea is like using the kimonos.. :D Alternating between using rugs and a floating checkerboard.