Sunday, May 22, 2011

Three New House Ideas

I just put three more house ideas up on the House Ideas Tab. I really need some ideas from you guys though. Some of these houses I don't have nearly enough ideas for to make a house. Be sure to comment on the house discussion post, right  here! Feel free to use any of the ideas posted up there. I haven't really been able to get on  much since Friday, but I hope to get on later today. In the small amount of time I was online, I mostly started working on a new house. I haven't quite decided whether to make it ancient ruins, or castle gardens. I put both up on the housing tabs, so please comment on which you like more. The other house I added was a Hogwarts themed house. I've actually been to one before, but in my opinion it didn't show as much as I would have liked. A Hogwarts themed house has tons of possibilities, but sadly I am unable to make such a house. The reason being that I don't have a MFP, which would work great for Hogwarts. Just think of the possibilities though, a quidditch field, Hagrid's Hut, Dark Forest, Chamber of Secrets, School Towers, Main Hall.... The list goes on and on.  I guess that means it's up to you guys to create these houses that I can not. All of the houses on that tab are available to you. If you want to try to make your own version of The Island, or The Battlefield, or whatever house I make in the future, go right ahead. Just please add some ideas to the Housing Tab (link right here). 
Happy House Decorating!


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