Sunday, May 29, 2011

Harvest Festival: Improvements and Stuff

Thanks to Heather Raven, I've changed the name of the Autumn Carnival to the Harvest Festival. To accompany this name change I'll be putting some pumpkins and other harvest themed housing items. I also edited the Food Cart Food Court area of my house, by adding five crafted moon banners.
I actually ran out of crafting slots after making three of the banners, so I had to put all of the reagents for the other two, and the housing item crafting station, through the shared bank to my other character to craft.

And here is the new and improved food cart food court. This could very well be one of my favorite areas of any house I've made.

I also started on the inside of the house, making a fiery entrance and a banquet hall.

The table was made from 9 tables mixed together to make an X shaped table. 

The entrance of the inside is a Large Willow Tree, with a Red Leaf Tree mixed inside of it, surrounded by fire flowers, torches, and candles mounted on the wall.
All of those trees make for a very nice view. 

I hope to start on the small rooms to the left and right of the entrance tomorrow. They will be a lot like the Fancy Dorm (check dorm room creations tab) I made a while back. The next to rooms will be a library and courtyard, and the highest room (where I am standing in the above picture), I have no idea what to make. Please post suggestions or ideas for what that top room should be on the Housing Discussion Post, or just comment here. Thanks, and Happy House Decorating!


P.S. Check out this post that Arthur Wethersfield (Balance Teacher and KI guy in charge of housing)
made on Central. Here he asks for ideas on new housing items, so check it out!

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  1. Wow, amazing house. Paige Moonshade would be proud.