Monday, May 16, 2011

Starting the Pirate Ship

Last night I was on for only about 20 minutes, but it was enough time time take down The Island and start on making my pirate ship.

So far I only have a few carpets in the ocean. All I was able to do was make a carpet staircase over to the site of the pirate ship (for easy access) and a carpet layout for one side of the ship. As I type this I am loading Wizard101 up so that I can try to make at least two more sides today. An interesting thing I realized is that you cannot put crates on the parts of the carpet where two intersect. That will definitely make things a bit harder. What I will probably do is make the first level of crates have all of the holes in it, then lay some carpets above that layer to place the next level of crates. I will remove the carpets, and the crates will stay. Then I can build the following layers on top of the existing crates. I am still thinking of good ideas for the sails, one good idea I got from a comment on an earlier post would be to use Kimonos. This could work, if I used the grey kimonos.  The next few things are pictures of something I discovered after picking up The Island. I apparently have 7 Large Willow Trees. That's a lot.

 Look at all of those!
 The completely cover the outside of the myth house!
And there is my tower of crates, sticking up above all of the trees. I should have more updates on the pirate ship tomorrow. As I said earlier, I hope to get at least two sides done today, maybe the perimeter. The reason I don't expect to get a lot done is because building this ship correctly is very difficult. If you will notice on the picture, there are no small carpets (which are necessary for moving carpets into the ocean). I had to remove them to allow crates to be placed there. And the way to remove these carpets safely takes three or four steps every time a put a carpet down. I won't be releasing how to do this, as I don't want Kingsisle to fix it. If you want to know, just try experimenting with carpets. With enough practice you're sure to find it. Happy House Decorating!


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  1. Wow Malorn! This is pure awesomeness!! XD I am sooooo influenced by your rug cheats XD