Friday, May 6, 2011


So I will be hosting a contest as well. I will be hiding somewhere in the spiral. Now to make this not too horribly difficult, I will be in Wraith Realm, area 1, in my favorite world. What is my favorite world? Well, you may have to do some exploring through my blog, but one hint. I like this world enough to have taken a video tour of it once. Now making videos has been very difficult for me (as my computer always refuses to cooperate with me) so I only have a few. The link to this tour is somewhere on my blog. Find that video, and you find the world. Then you will have to rip it apart until you find me, because I have one pair of Boots of the Comet ready to donate to the first person who finds me. COME AND GET ME! MUAHAHAHA! But wait, when will this contest start? Right now. Yup. SO GET TO WORK, OR SOMEONE ELSE WILL FIND ME FIRST! RUN! QUICKLY!


EDIT: Ok fine, I'll telll you that I am in celestia. But the rest is up to you.

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