Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Spiral Line

I know, It's kind of weird that Wintertusk hasn't even come out on real realm yet and I'm already thinking of future worlds. But I was just checking out the Wizard101 website, when I saw the map of the spiral. Now if you follow the line, it hits every world in order. Once it hits every world Wizard City through Celestia, the line loops back around and hits Grizzleheim, Marleybone, Mooshu, and Dragonspyre again. Now we know that Wintertusk is an expansion of Grizzleheim, so could it be that KI is simply making the next worlds expansions of the previous worlds? Think about it. Let's go in order of the worlds. After GH is MB. Look at it all of those pipes, could the expansion of marleybone be in the many waterworks and sewers of the city? Or it could be Marleybone at ground level, instead of the rooftops. It could even be Marleybone during the day!
 Next world is Mooshu. World map please! Surrounding Mooshu you can see many mountains surrounding
the entire world. Could that be our adventures in Mooshu? And hey, if Marleybone is going to be during the day, why can't Mooshu be at night too? This could be a much darker version of the original Mooshu. Take the normal world, turn the lights out, throw out the sheep, and toss in a bunch of angry death ninja pigs. And if we want to tie in Morganthe, then we can put some shadow weavers in the mountains. The next and final world in my possible world arc is Dragonspyre. After defeating Malistaire, and his Draconian army, maybe the world will try to start rebuilding. This Dragonspyre could look a lot like the original one, but make it all green and grassy (like the Grand Chasm Past), with a lot of buildings under construction. The first few quests could be you just going around helping rebuild, when suddenly.... BAM! Morganthe comes along.

 I don't know, probably not, just a bit of theory-crafting there. Although if you look at the map of the spiral it does make sense. That's all for now! Happy Theory Crafting!



  1. very interesting theory! It would be soooo cool if Morganthe popped up again xD

  2. Well we do know that she will pop up again somewhere. It would be a little strange if KI went to all that trouble making her and her prophecy without us getting to even fight her (although they did do that with briskbreeze, where krokotopia was supposed to be the next place where trouble popped up).

  3. Nice, although continuations of worlds should at least come with new levels, as players would otherwise get bored. But I'd love to go through the sewer system and do some huge dungeon in MS mountains! (btw, MS is at night in some places you could say, with the Spirit World where you fight the Death Oni, etc. being so dark) And I would LOVE another past-like DS, I hate the depressing red sky and such, but loved the Grand Chasm Past. We can only wait to see :)