Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lower Deck is Done!

As the title indicates, I have finished the lower deck of the pirate ship! Next part is to make the sides of the ship. Originally I was going to make the sides of the ship crates. Now I realize that to do that, the Island Getaway would have to have a housing item limit of about 500. The crates are just too small to go around the entire perimeter of the ship, five or six times. Instead I was thinking of using Maple Bookcases. They are tall enough so that I don't need to stack any on top of each other, and long enough to surround the ship quickly. The only downsides would be that I can't stick cannons out of the sides of the ship as easily (I will still try to find a way to do that anyways, maybe sticking a carpet through the walls to place them on) and the upper deck will be a little harder to make than it would have been with crates, but still no harder than the lower deck was. After the upper deck and sides are finished, I will make the mast, and add all of the little details. Oh, and before I forget, here are some pictures of the lower deck!

 View of the island from the lower deck. If you will notice, there are a few holes in the lower deck, but none are big enough to actually make you unable to cross part of the deck.
 View from the front of the ship.
 That's a fish splash. These fish are strong enough to break through the bottom of the ship, and leap half-way across it. Good thing I'm going to equip this ship with some pet cannons.
 I also made a nice little walkway for easy access to the ship. It's a long drop from the carpet to the lower deck, so you can't get out, as of now. Hopefully by the time I am done with the ship, the upper deck will be high enough for you to get off.

Just another update, I do have two more Dorm Room Creations, and I'd like to welcome our newest follower, Malorn Swiftsword. Oh, and I also have a couple of new polls I'd like you guys to vote on. That's all for now! Happy House Decorating!


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