Sunday, May 15, 2011

Photography: Pinnacles and Grotto

Here is my next part in the photography of Celestia. This part includes half of Survey Camp and The Grotto. Here they are!
The Tower
Up on the tower.
View from the tower.
The Tower
 Two Towers?
Eel Cave
Crab Claw Statue
Coral Castle
Crab Lean-to
Bottomless Pit
Coral Castle with Celestia Head.

It was pretty tough trying to get a picture without bubbles in it.

And in other news, Paige finally came by my house to take pictures, so she will be showcasing it later this week. I'll post about it when she does. That means that I can rip down the island and build the pirate ship. That also means I can stop building all of these dorm room creations (which by the way I have two more of on the dorm room creations tab). See you in the spiral!


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