Thursday, May 5, 2011


Well, we finally made it! As promised, I will host a party, Myrna will return, and maybe even hold a contest. I don't have much to post now, but I do have a new idea for a house. Check it out at the new houses tab. Also, friendly has his latest post.... Apparently, the mystery composer has decided to show his (hooded) face in the test realm!

He can be seen outside of Merle Ambrose's house, and in the little battle circle in Northguard. If you go there you can witness Mr. Composer conducting an orchestra of trumpet vines. Also, his latest clue has gone out, stating he has blue eyes. I haven't been able to get on Wizard101 since yesterday, so I don't have any news for now. But, while looking through my screenshots, I noticed something interesting between a few.

This guy Astraeus obviously isn't Celestian, that's not too difficult to understand. Mithraya too isn't from Celestia.

Here it says that Mithraya came to Celestia. But the interesting thing is below.
Now the dialogue has been recycled, this isn't the first time that recycled dialogue has been found in Celestia, but it certainly is interesting. According to Selwyn, even the Celestians aren't from Celestia! What? That can't be right! But if he didn't come from Celestia, where did they come from? Where is Selwyn and Astraeus's home? Future worlds? Very interesting....
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