Thursday, May 26, 2011

Theorycrafting: Future Worlds?

I was reading a post by That Pyromancer, and I noticed he had said something about a Western World. That would mean the Americas, so.... A Native American World?

I did a bit of theorycrafting on what that world would be like. First off, you would get an urgent message from Sir Reginald Baxby (The Zebra) about how he is in trouble in a distant world. So, like you have in every other world,  you run off the Ambrose to get a key. Unfortunately, no one has a key to that particular world. So, you run off to Marleybone to borrow one of their Airships, but all of they are being used! You go back to Wizard City empty handed, until Director Bloompa (The gobbler in charge of gobbler drop) offers to give you a ride in the Airship stationed in the Pet Pavilion. So off you go, to the world of (insert cool name here). Suddenly, you hear a bang (this would be a good cutscene) and the Airship starts going down! You crash in the middle of the woods. Luckily you are able to find your way to a small village, where you meet up with Bloompa again. To prove your loyalty to the tribe of villagers though, you must do a series of quests (Defeat a  
Wendigo?), a bit like in Grizzleheim. Once you are part of the tribe, the leader tells you that some of the villagers have gone missing, and you are to find them. So you go off into the woods to find them. A while down the path you see a patch of the forest that has been cut down, with cabins being built. All around the clearing are Cowboy themed enemies, they could all be African animals, like Baxby. You search the camp, and defeat some enemies, but there is no sign of the missing villagers. After defeating the leader of the camp, you discover that the villagers had been taken to the town. So you make your way to the next area of this world. It is a typical Old West Town. There could be a ton of different side quests here (maybe even have an old fashioned duel with the "bad guy" of the town)

After a bit of questing you make your way to the town jail. There you see Sir Reginald Baxby and the missing villagers. Just as you are about to free them though, Morganthe and a gang of cowboys run in. She sends the cowboys to finish you off, but you easily defeat them. She grabs Baxby, and runs off. You would end up chasing her into an old ghost town (first dungeon of the world), and have your first duel with Morganthe. In the end she would end up teleporting away. Now keep in mind, this is only three areas into the world, so there would be much more. Morganthe would probably be there to get some sort of Astral Magic. Maybe this world has a specialty in sun magic. Since Morganthe couldn't get all three astral's at the same time, she's going for them separately. After searching for clues of Morganthe's whereabouts in one area, you find out she has assembled a team of cowboys to dig in an old mine for something. You fight through the mine, and find your way into the Final Dungeon of the world, The Crystal Caves. You fight Morganthe away from the Sun Crystals, and she escapes into a world gate. Just as you are about to chase her through though, the cave starts to collapse! A giant boulder falls on the gate, but you saved the Sun World. As for the other worlds, the Moon world could be a completely Death Themed world. Just as Celestia was made from a combination of many sunken city stories, this world could be a mix of all scary stories (Katzenstein returns?). The final world (Star World) could be the home of the Mystery Celestians. Happy Theorycrafting!


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  1. Great ideas! Some things were unrealistic though, I don't think Morganthe could actualy "Run" in, maybe cowboys were already there and then she poofs in (Though it would be funny to see Morganthe run).