Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sultan's Palace

As it turns out the mysterious image of an Arabian world was a new house! After I heard the news I immediately got online and saw a friend at the house! So I ported and took some pics.

 This owner had already decorated some.
 Hey look! Golden Seal (To the left)! No need to do Wintertusk!
Secret entrance to the gold room.

 The Wall
 Next to PVP ring.
 The Palace
 The Palace

Hey, where'd it go?

 Construction behind temple.

 Main door, but if you go through the ponds, you see some cool stuff, like....
 Hanging gardens, and....
 Back doors!

 Half-way through my second PVP round, the owner of the house ported back. Turns out it was Paige, and she didn't appreciate a crowd of people in her house. So she kicked us out.
Muffins Indeed.

Also, I'm done with my housing break. Yes, it wasn't that long, I just needed to rip apart the Mystery House. I think making a third jungle themed house was just too much, so I started on a new one. The Autumn Carnival. Here are the beginning pics!

That's all for now, Mark Stormhunter wants me to check out his newest floor on the Airship. If you guys want to hear more about that particular house, go to his blog. That's all for now! Happy house decorating!


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