Friday, May 6, 2011

Photographer: Celestia Base Camp/Party Info

Here is my first post photography post of Celestia. I will make every post cover one or two areas. This post covers Celestia Base Camp, and the first half of Survey Camp, The Promenade. Oh and before I forget, here is the schedule for the party.
The party will be Sunday at....
Eastern: 4:00 PM
Central: 3:00  PM
Pacific: 1:00 PM
The port bus will be next to Malorn Ashthorn in Ravenwood in the Wraith Realm, Area 1. The port bus will stay there during the entire course of the party. If you go to the bus stop and he is not there, he is at the party, letting people port. Just wait and he will be there shortly. Ok, here are the pics! 
Celestia Base Camp

The Promenade

The next Photography post will feature The Pinnacles and The Grotto. See you at the party!


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