Monday, October 24, 2011

Teleporter Linked Houses

Teleporters. Ever since they came out, people have been using them with amazing results. One of the best parts of the teleporters are their ability to connect houses together. For most people, the houses they link together have no theme. They may link a Life House and a Krokotopian House together. While this certainly won't hurt your house's decoration, it's cooler to make the connected houses have a theme. For instance, Island Getaway and Sunken Palace. Put the teleporter at the waters edge, maybe next to some scuba gear. This gives the impression that you're actually diving into the depths, instead of just jumping on a teleporter. You could also try to match the teleporter color with the water (blue), and use a carpet trick to place it in the water. Here's a list of a bunch of other teleporter linked ideas.

Island Getaway/ Sun Palace/ Fire House
Make the entrance of the house your Island Getaway. Decorate it like a jungle house. In the secret tunnel area of the house, you could put a teleporter at the point where the boulder breaks through the floor (there's a sort of waterfall thing there). You could make this teleporter go to the secret cave where the monkey lives in the Sun Palace. This gives the impression that you jumped down the hole, and dropped into this cave. You could then have another teleporter in the cave (maybe guarded by a few tiki statues) that leads to your fire house. This could be like the entrance to a volcano.

Sun Palace/Sultan's Palace/Krok or Balance Houses
The Balance school has a lot to do with the sun. So, what you could do is put three teleporters in the three rooms marked by the suns upstairs. Since the middle sun goes outside, you could put the teleporters to the left and right of the sun.
(Picture borrowed from here)

These teleporters could link to the Sultan's Palace, Balance House, or the other desert themed houses. You could make this house a search for the hidden suns (maybe hide some treasure in each of the four houses? You could make this treasure sun themed, like a sun icon).

Other possible houses could be....

Mixing the large and small houses of a world (Wooded Cottage/Royal Playhouse)

Mixing a school theme house and a world house (Fire/Dragonspyre House, or Balance and Krokotopian House)

Making Secret Areas (Explore a lake in a house by making a teleporter to the Sunken Palace, or a volcano, or a mountain top (Teleporter from Dragon's Fjord to Ice House)).

The possibilities are endless!

Happy House Decorating!


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