Sunday, November 13, 2011

Oh look!

Hey! Look at that! We now have 20,000 views!

Yeah. That's about it....

The reason I haven't been posting much, is that I just haven't been online much. Whenever test realm's online, I kind of drift away for a while. Generally, it's pretty boring on live realm, because everyone's on test. So, until Zafaria hits live realm, I probably won't be posting very much.


I guess this post has been a waste of your time. Hmm. How can we solve that? Oh! I've got it!

Never mind.


P.S. If you haven't noticed already, I've added an "Ask Malorn" tab. If you've got any housing questions, I'd be glad to answer them. I've been answering a few different wizard's questions on how to do housing tricks and whatnot for a while. I've found that some housing tricks can be pretty confusing, and I don't think any other wizards answer housing questions. So if you've got any questions, just ask!  . Happy House Decorating!


  1. Hey Marlon,

    I have to agree. For some reason, I just feel lazy these days and don't log into Wizard101 anymore. Maybe when Zafaria comes out, I'll stop my fiction craze and duel for once.

    I like the music boxes but would prefer if you could put real world music. I hate having to wait for Wizard101 to take to long to load when I put in my music on Youtube.

    And's 20 seconds I wasted(I watched


  2. I....just wasted....about sixty seconds...of my life.
    (Well, 'cause I just had to call Paige to make sure she saw it. :P)