Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Parties, Contests, and Dragon Bones

I never really like to announce news unless I think it's really awesome. Personally, I think you can look at all of the other blogs for that info. Just now though, I found out about an awesome new pack that has come to the spiral. It's all dragon themed. Some of the stuff I saw in that was pretty awesome (My favorites were the Dragon Mount and Sword). I will definitely have to get that pack.

As for the party, I will be hosting it on Wednesday June 15, at Eastern Time: 3:00 PM, Central Time: 2:00  PM, Pacific Time: 12:00 PM. My port bus will be in front of Bartelby in Wraith Realm, Area 1. REMEMBER THAT!
Hopefully this time we get more people than last time.

Now on to that contest. It will be.....


You can take as many pictures of it as you like. If you have a Wizard101 Central Account, then send me a message with the pics. If not, then send the pics to
The dorm can be any theme you like, but please state what the theme is on the message.

Now you guys are probably wondering what the prize is. Well, I can't give crowns away. And I think the KIfreegames codes aren't that great. So I must give away cards. You guys are probably all sighing and not wanting to join because of this, but I promise you, they will be good. I have a week to save up money. A week of continuous farming. Do you understand how many treasure cards I can buy with that? Yeah. There is a chance I could get a couple hundred cards for the winner.... These cards will be the cards of their choice of course. What I will probably do is get all of my money and split it in two. Half goes to the first place winner for as many cards as he/she wants. The other half will be split between the second and third place winner. The second place winner will get a little more than the third place winner. I may not be able to supply crowns, but I will certainly give good card prizes. Happy House (Or should I say dorm?) Decorating!


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  1. Aww, I'm not gonna make it. I'm not going to have internet that day because we're moving. But good luck with the party!