Friday, June 17, 2011

Wall Hanging Carpet Tricks

Before I start talking about my latest house, I'd just like to remind the 2nd (Vanessa Emeraldglade) and 3rd (Aaron Starheart) place winners of the contest that we need to find a time and place to meet so that you can receive your cards.

Ok, The Drake Caves. This house is going to be a Dragonspyre themed house. I've got a lot of ideas for it, here are just a few.
I've already bought the house, the large dragonspyre.

Right when I got it, I experimented with making bottomless pits, both inside,

and outside.

There's one part of the house that I wanted to hang these dragon busts up. Unfortunately, they wouldn't fit where I wanted them to. Then I had a great idea. First, you need two small carpets, like the small blue trim rug I have here.

So put that carpet down, then put the other small carpet down behind it.

The carpet in the front  I will call carpet 1, and the one behind that is carpet 2. Move carpet two, directly in front of the dragon bust. This will mean that carpet 1 is directly under it. Then, simply move carpet one wherever you want!

See? Floating dragon busts wherever you please! This trick works with any wall hanging that sticks out a bit.
This trick of using two carpets to accomplish something is also very helpful when dealing with using carpet tricks on housing items that can only be placed outside.

I'll have more on the drake caves later. 

Oh, and that reminds me. "Later" means two weeks, as I am going on vacation. The timing really couldn't be worse, I'll be missing both Luke Goldhorn's party, and Ravenwood ball. UPDATE: Just realized Luke's party is today, not tomorrow. I should be able to make it. I also probably won't be able to blog much. Oh well, Happy House Decorating!



  1. Dude thanks sooooo much for this XD I needed this for my Sultans Palace and having the beer things float lol

  2. This trick can also be used to change how high up on the walls they can be placed. All you have to do is put the carpets on a pair of crates, or a table, or something. I used this a few times with my dragon busts. I hope I can find a way to do this to just plain old picture frames.... (Maybe float carpet 1 into the wall?)