Monday, April 4, 2011

More info on Wintertusk/100th post!

The new Producer's letter is out! It's got some cool pics of Wintertusk!

Now wait one minute Leah Ruben! These aren't concept art! They look more like actual in-game pictures! Does this mean Wintertusk has already been made? Doubt it, but still! Maybe KI has been working on it little by little between updates every since Grizzleheim came out! Now to take a look at those pictures. In Wintertusk, there is a lot of snow, obviously, but that's not the only thing different. Look at the giant skull in the first pic. Giant Saber Tooth tiger anyone? Or even those Woolly Rhinceros. Could Wintertusk have a few Ice-Age creatures in there? Now I know that if there are giant prehistoric monsters running around, they probably won't be our friends. Falmea says that there will be the usual Bears, Ravens, and Wolves of Grizzleheim, but she says that "your character will encounter some other epic bad guys too". I would love to fight a Woolly Mammoth Oni/Gurtok. Also, look at the trees in the second pic. Haven't seen anything like that in Grizzleheim! Maple tree forest? The final things that Falmea says in the letter is about the pets, spells, and crab alley. I think most of us aren't all that excited about the return of crab alley, so I'll skip that. She says the spells will make our current spells more powerful, so they aren't attack spells. She also hints at what the storm and balance spells will be. Lots of theory-crafting for you guys to do. As for if this is a side quest world or a main quest world, I kind of agree for both. I believe Wintertusk will not give an increase of level cap, but I do think it will continue the Morganthe story. It would be a great way to make wizards complete the Grizzleheim storyline (which many people, including myself, completely skipped) as well as continuing the Morganthe story.
Have fun theory-crafting!

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  1. The Heroic PyromancerApril 4, 2011 at 6:21 PM

    Hey, Malorn! Gratz on your 100th post! Host a party?
    I, too believe that there won't be a level cap because KI didn't announce it.
    And I completely skipped GH. ( well, up to the area after vigrid roughland. )
    Nice theory-crafting and post. See you its! -Thunderblade