Saturday, April 23, 2011

Night Time Mode Hits Wizard City

This morning I was a bit bored so I decided to have a little party. In the end, only a few people came. But, to host this party, I used the port bus I call 'Little Malorn'. Little Malorn is just Malorn Ghostrider, on another account. I only ever use him for parties, so he is only a level 1. Anyways, when I was having people teleport to my house, Night Time mode came! Now this time, it was a bit strange for a couple of reasons. For one, most other Night Time modes came late at night, but this one came early in the morning. The other strange thing was that it was only Night Time mode on Little Malorn. This really restricted the areas I could explore, because he is not a member. So I decided to explore Wizard City, at night. Now Night Time mode is a very interesting thing. It's not just that everything is dark. In Night Time mode, everything but lights are darker, and there are also strange clouds in the sky. Here is one of the earliest pictures of Night Time mode I have.
You can't really see the clouds in this picture, but keep an eye out for them in the pictures I am about to show you. Oh, and if you're wondering who Myrna Nightrider is, she was the original creator of this blog. In fact, if you look up at the URL, it says Unfortunately she completely abandoned Wizard101 a while ago. Ok, on to the other pics!

Dragon's Mouth Cave

Golem Tower, cloud is to the left.

The Hedge Maze, if you look to the right, you can see one of those clouds.

Triton Avenue. This street was a bit different, instead of switching the sky to black with the clouds, it kept it's original sky.

The Kraken Pad, if you look closely, you can see his lightning bolt.

Olde Town, a few clouds in the background. 
                                                  Shopping District

                                 The Fountain in the Shopping District,
                                        that money bag is Eggbert
Headmaster's Tower

The Commons

And this last picture is actually a picture of The Island at night. Those purple and red things are the crystals of the crystal cave. I do have more pictures of this encounter with Night Time mode, but I see this post is getting a bit long already. All of those pictures are of the crowns houses at night. Some look pretty cool, while others (The Death and Fire houses especially) don't look all that different, because they already are dark. The life and myth houses are my favorites, and it was in a life house that I first saw Night Time mode. I thought it was a glitch the owner did, but as it turns out, he couldn't even see it! Until next time!



  1. Okay. There really needs to be an actual Night-time feature to Wizard101, because the Shopping District looks pretty awesome.

  2. What is this night time mode? I've never heard of it.

  3. @Xinaed It is, like Jason said, a weird glitch. If you look through my posts, I have numerous accounts of it, with tons of pictures.

    @Patrick It usually happens at around 8:00-9:00 PM, but this time it was different and happened at around 10:00 AM