Thursday, April 28, 2011

The New House Ideas Tab

This is just a quick update on the house ideas tab. I added a few new ideas, and I would love for you guys to comment on the discussion post. Please check it out, and also vote on the poll while you're at it! Now on to a completely different topic. Have you guys seen Wintertusk? Wow. That's all I'm going to say. I've seen some pretty cool stuff (including an amazing animation of granny raven turning into a giant raven) on various videos. If you can't get on test realm I encourage you to check out all the videos on Youtube. Also, with Wintertusk comes interactive musical housing items! Check this out! As for the storyline of Wintertusk, what I've picked up is that there are four sons of the frost giant. The frost giant is asleep, and to wake him up you need four golden seals that each of the sons has. Now either you want wake up the giant, or you want the seals to keep the ravens from waking up. I haven't figured that out yet. I have lots of questions about Wintertusk. Is there a find the smiths type quest for it? Is Zeke even in that world? I guess not, since it turns out that Wintertusk is not a new world. It's just an expansion of Grizzleheim. It shares the same world map as Grizzleheim, and Northguard is it's commons. Guess that, means we won't have any Wintertusk housing.... Well, time to go check out some more Wintertusk videos! Happy Wintertusk Exploring!


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