Sunday, April 24, 2011

Night Time Mode in The Crowns Houses

Night Time Mode has become a very popular topic I believe. And I can really see why. The Spiral is an entirely different place in the dark. The only possible downside is that in somne cases, it's so dark that you can't get around. I actually had that problem yesterday when 'Little Malorn' was exploring Unicorn Way. Most of the time I had the original Malorn go to the places and Little Malorn would teleport. Also, thanks for the mention at Homework in a Graveyard. Anyways, here are the pictures I took of the Crowns Houses at night!

                                     The Island Getaway Beach

                                             Dragon's Fjord Outside
                                          Dragon's Fjord Mini Nidavellir
                                             The Fire House Tower
                                             Storm House Inside
                                              Balance House Outside
                                             Life House Outside

Night Time Mode on top, normal on bottom.

 Now the Death House wasn't all that different at night. Notice that the one on the left (Night Time Mode) is a little bit darker than the one on the right (Normal). It just occured to me that I should have taken a picture of the furnace in the basement instead. Oh well, maybe next Night Time Mode.
                                                    The Myth House
                                         And Finally, the Ice House.
Also, I want to include this last picture as well. It's not a Night Time Mode picture, but I realized that I haven't put any updates on The Battlefield recently. I haven't had much time to work on it (since I've been gone for the past week), but I managed to finish the library area. As I type this, I am farming for money to work on the last area. After this, I just have to farm up a ton of money to buy a bunch of robots. Here is the library
It is definently my favorite part of the house.
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  1. The Heroic PyromancerApril 25, 2011 at 2:39 PM

    Hey, Malorn! Would you like to see my house today or tommorrow?
    Time: 8:15 pm
    Location: Celestia, near Zeke and Eloise
    Realm: Sunbird area 1
    hope it works. See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade
    You have over 4000 page view! I think you should host a party or something.

  2. Oh, just saw this right now! How about friday at that time and place, but is that 8:15 eastern, central, or western time?

  3. The Heroic PyromancerApril 27, 2011 at 9:38 PM

    Friday will work for me. Meet up time is 8:15 central. Thanks for the reply. Can't wait for test realm to go to live realm. -Thunderblade

  4. Ugh, actually I might not be able to be there at that time. How about earlier? Anywhere from 3:30-5:00pm (central time)will work for me on friday. If those times won't work for you then I should be able to make it at 8:15 on saturday. Sorry for the inconvenience, but things are always popping up that will prevent me from meeting up with people at the times originally planned.

  5. The Heroic PyromancerApril 29, 2011 at 5:49 AM

    Friday will not work for me, too. But Saturday will. I understand your problem. See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade