Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July Showcase

First off, I'd like to apologize to Blaze Shadowhorn. In the above header, his last name was kind of cut off. Oops. Oh well. Blaze, Ed, and I, all teamed up for a 4th of July Picture. We each have it as our headers for today. Check it out!

Now on to the showcase. I give you Victoria Spiritblossom's (of Smart Allec Wizard) Marleybone Mansion. Here it is!
First off you take a trip down barker street.

Now Fetchford Lane would take us inside, but I want to check out that carnival down barker street.

Carnival Tents....

Food Carts....
And a Selena Gomez smashing station. A few have already been reduced to rubble I see (Victoria says she isn't Selena's biggest fan).

Going inside you come upon this nice living room with a cool fireplace (rare item alert!). 

And that, is a clock. Actually idk why I took this picture but whatever.

After staring at the clock, you come upstairs. There is a ton of stuff up here, including a study,

A kitchen,

a dining room (complete with grand piano),

another living room,

And a bar. 

Apparently the unicorn is the bartender, and he drinks all the rootbeer (Btw, Nicole is Victoria's other character).

The top floor is both a bedroom and a library.

And outside is my favorite part.

The astronomy tower.

And the gardens. 

And that may just have to be the header one day.

This was a great house, I hope to be able to see some of Victoria's future houses, and maybe showcase those  as well. Anyways, happy 4th of July, and happy house decorating!


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  1. Thanks so much! I'll definitely have more houses to show you, but they're all still a work in progress. I'm planning on buying the smaller MB mansion for another wizard, and turning into... well you'll find out. Thanks again!