Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Inside of the Drake Caves

In this house, I'm trying to give the impression that it is all ruins. When you enter the house, you see rock shards and dragon bones. The entrance to the house gives them an idea of what this is going to be all about. The inside of the house is going to be a big surprise to anyone who enters the house (unless you read this blog of course). While the outside is the ruins of an ancient kingdom, the inside is the surviving section. The inside can fit 250 items. That means I can add a ton of detail in this house.
Here is the grand entrance. Notice the four-headed dragon busts I made using "the greatest glitch of all".

The entrance also has a few torches to accompany the everything else. I can fit so many housing items in this house, that I've decided to put a torch in every corner of the house. Every time there is a curve or bend in the wall, I put a torch.


Lots of torches.

In this house I made two 4-headed dragon busts, and two 3-headed dragon busts.

I also fit dragon skulls on the ramps.

Here is the upper balcony.

I will put a throne there eventually.

Very nice view from the top.

Down below I mixed obelisks and markers together.

And of course the hot tub. That's really the only area I've worked on outside, the drake caves themselves.

Really all I've done so far down there is make everything pitch black. 

Well, how'd you guys like it? I love that I can put so much detail. You guys want to see the best part?

Item Count 121/250. 
I'm not even half way done. MUAHAHAHA! So if any of you guys have any ideas of how to put more detail, just post on here, or in the chat box. I was thinking maybe floating candles would look cool....

Happy House Decorating!



  1. Floating candles would look really cool! Especially around that center floating red smoky thing.

  2. That's just what I was thinking. Maybe have the candles spiral around the center crystal. Then I could bunch a ton of candles close together around some of the dragon busts to make them look like they're breathing fire.

  3. Great idea Malorn that would be awesome.

  4. Hmmm, I just put the candle spiral, and I still can fit another hundred things. Oh! I've got it! More candles coming out of the dragons mouths, that then connects to the spiral, but I will also make a second spiral going the opposite direction, making a double helix shape.