Thursday, July 21, 2011

Underground Island

As you guys probably know, there are some new housing items in the crowns shop. I bought and tested out a few of these.

The green tower is pretty cool, I'll definitely have to buy a few more for this house.

I didn't really like the hat stand as much, it was a bit boring. I thought that it would be like the mannequin, and you could put your hats on it. Unfortunately, the only hat that is ever on it is that pointed red hat.

I actually only bought the storm and ice statues, because I had won the fire statue in a battle a long time ago. If I make a krokotopia themed house, I could make these line the walls. 

Today, I decided to go exploring underwater in my Island house. First, I went to the edge of the ocean, where I used the "going under" trick to sink below the surface of the ocean. As we made our way back towards the island, now a few feet below sea level, Mark and Talon saw something. It looked a bit like a giant bug from where we were, so I moved our carpets in that direction.

As it turns out, it was just two giant fish. They were the same kind of fish that were jumping around on the surface of the ocean, only these ones didn't move. After that mystery was solved, we noticed something else. The beach of the island extends really far out, but under sea level.

Apparently it's all quicksand though.

After getting through the sand, you are now underneath the island! We moved the carpet all around the land under the island, looking for a spot the we could "drop down". By this, I mean that we were looking for a spot that we could stand on the surface of the island, and walk down onto the carpet.

We finally found a good spot here. We positioned the carpet directly underneath the river. Just one step forward, and....

I'll try to cover this platform in wooden planks and stuff, so it fits in better with the surrounding jungle. I guess I could also put piles of sand to make (like the title of this post indicates) an underground island. 

Time for the Daily Contest. Rules and stuff here. Please keep in mind that you must be a follower of this blog to enter. The question is....
What type of dragon do I have equipped in this blog post?
Hint: It makes a hybrid pet, this!
Good Luck!



  1. That's right! Now I just need a way for me to contact you and get you the code.

  2. Wait... I have a shardtail dragon and it looks nothing like that. It has white stripes on a black body.

    Is that an older version?

  3. They both look the same to me. The very last picture IS NOT a shardtail dragon. That is a fragmented dragon. In the third to last picture, you can see the back of my dragon. It (like yours) has a black body with white stripes. Some of the pictures were a bit hard to see, but I'm pretty sure they're the same dragon.

  4. Oh, sorry! I misunderstood the question XD