Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Battlefield

This was my third house, and not really my favorite. Because it only had a 150 limit on housing items on the outside, I wasn't able to use much detail in the house. And most of that 150 was used on large black rocks. Although there were some parts of the house that I thought were very nice, like the library and the robot making machine. Here are the pictures.
The Campsite

The Left Bridge,  this way is blockaded, so you will have to find another way out.

Maybe this destroyed post office has a way out.


To get out you will have to go under the bridges.

Battle of the right bridge, if you want to help, just play the dueling diego game hidden in one of the rocks.

Entrance to the robot's camp. There aren't actually many robots now, but maybe one day I will come back to this house and add them.

Pet Prison camp.

Robot Making Machine

And now you come to the ruins. It's pretty much just a maze of giant rocks. Don't get lost.

Rock shard right through the pillow.

After navigating through the maze, you will come upon the robot's attack of the library.

The library is heavily defended by cannons, and some sort of crazy person and her pet. No, it's not a mannequin, just one of my friends.

Another view of the library.

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