Saturday, July 16, 2011

Island Fun

Apart from decorating my Drake Caves, I've also been working on another house. This house will be a bit like my old Island House, but also a bit different. The other house was more of a maze, and most of the house had a darker atmosphere, because most of it was located in a tunnel, with traps and monsters. This house will be more of an Island Village than a jungle. So far I've made an explorer's camp, an Island out at sea....

 And the beginning of the village itself. I'll show more pictures of it tomorrow. Today I just took out two carpets and floated myself around the house.
There's some of the village gardens.

Village gardens at a different angle.

I went all around the house, until I took this picture. I then decided that I had to get up to the top of that mountain.

On the way there though, I came upon this screen. It was very strange though, because I could go through, but my clothes couldn't.....


I went up and up, but just before I reached the top, some weird glitches started happening with my carpets, so that the crates would move, but the carpets wouldn't come with it. This prevented me from reaching the top, but I did get this far. It's a nice view.

Also, the WCP (Wizard City Protectors), have made a new blog. If you support them (or are part of them), please follow the blog! Link:

Yesterday the WCP gathered for a group photo (Which is now the new header). I was a bit late, and just barely managed to run over and get in the picture. Afterword we just kind of sat around in the commons, and gathered a big crowd around us. 

And the last thing, the mysterious floating glitch over the commons. It first discovered yesterday. I saw one guy who claimed to be the creator of it. He says he has some special tech stuff that he uses to create glitches, but chances are, he didn't create it at all.

OK, time for The Daily Contest! All rules and whatnot can be foundhere. The Question is.....
What is the name of the quest that allows wizards to enter The Floating Land?
Good Luck!



  1. I'm not sure if I posted my comment, but just in case, it is On the Waterfront. And who is the winner of previous question?-Thunderblade

  2. That's right! And the winner of the previous one was Mark Stormhunter from the Elementalists.

  3. Remember that you have to leave a way for me to contact you, so that I can actually give you your codes.

  4. Well if it's your irl email, then no, but if you have a wizard email, then yes. I don't want people giving out personal info....