Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tower and Stuff

Well Paige's contest is over. Congratulations to all the winners! I have to say that I kind of disagreed with some of the judges, mostly that Cody Raventhorn's dorm only got an  "Honorable Mention".

On to other stuff. I decided to make something similar to that tower that I posted yesterday. I just started on it last night, so there are only three floors (not counting ground floor).

I will continue to add on to it. Currently it takes up 60 spaces. Most of that comes from the ground floor. Every other floor after this should only take 6 spaces, so I should be able to make a lot of floors. I don't really have much to post about these days. Maybe Myrna will have something to say. I guess it's time for the question of the day! Who won grand prize in Paige's Contest? 
Good Luck!


P.S. Myrna has decided to make a separate website. Go to it here!