Monday, July 18, 2011

Daily Contest Prizes now even Better! (and Island Stuff).

Ok, here are the pictures of the Island Village so far.

A few days ago I made that island.

Sand Sphinx to the left.

Campfires. The beach is pretty empty right now, but I'll work more on it later.

The village is surrounded by a fence, to keep out wild animals.

As an extra precaution, there is another fence barricading your way into the wilderness.

So far I've made two tree houses, but I think I'll be making a third one. This wasn't my idea at all, I got this idea from Elijah Stormheart. Most of the coolest things in my houses aren't my ideas at all, I get them from other people. Remember to keep giving your ideas in the chat box (some days I also give out hints for the Daily Contest in the chat box).

There's the other tree house.


That's what I have so far. Tomorrow I'm going to try to build ladders for the tree houses.

Time for the Daily Contest. Rules and stuff found here. Yesterday, I found a cool trick on wizard101 central, for doodle doug, that really increases your points. Now I get 60,000-70,000 points easily, whereas I'd get 25,000 points, if I was lucky, before. I've decided not to go out and tell you guys this trick yet, but if you look for it on central, you're bound to find it. The prizes I had for the daily contest used to provide you guys with 250 gold, and two items. Well now you guys get 1000 gold, and three items including a chance for Moonlight ponies, Hand of Doom packs, Storm Beetles and these....

I've only gotten one of these so far, but this next item, I've gotten three or four of....

Personally, I think it's kind of ugly, but it's rare, so who cares!

Also, since these high scores are so easy to obtain now, once a week, I will also be giving a second chance contest, where the first two or three people that get the question right will win a code, instead of just the first.

Ok, time for the question....
Name the two pets that make the hybrid "War Oni". Remember that to win you must spell the names correctly. Good Luck!



  1. Orthrus and Helephant XD Gratz Mark :D

  2. How didja Get the thing in the tree??

  3. I simply put a carpet under the pavilion. I then made a carpet staircase up to the top of the tree. Then I put the carpet that I had placed under the pavilion on the carpet at the top of the staircase.