Friday, July 29, 2011


Originally I wasn't going to make a post today. Really all I've been doing is working on my Oasis Camp. I've almost finished it, all I need now is a stone fountain (the Mooshu kind) and It'll be done. It's (at only two days) by far the fastest house I've ever made. So, if I wasn't planning on posting today, what made me? Well, yesterday I saw this, and I had to post it....

Wow. I saw it on a post on central, where Fawne was asking for houses that she would feature on  Wizard Weekly. The tower comes from this thread. The creator's central name is Mufan.

Just thought that I'd share this with you. I may one day try making something like this. You may have noticed that in the "My Houses" tab I have different sections, like dorms, small houses, large houses, etc. One of these sections is called experimental houses. The experimental houses would be things that are only one thing in the house. For instance, a tower like Mufan's, the pirate ship, or an idea I had a while back of mixing 250 floor braziers together using "The Greatest Glitch of all", to make a super flame. Well that's all I have for now, so I guess we'll move on to the Daily Contest!

What type of pet does Mufan have equipped in the above picture, and what two kinds of pet are it's parents? All names must be spelled correctly. Good Luck!



  1. His pet is a Nightmare and his parents are Unicorn and Helephant. ok, since i want to be fair, dont post this comment, and if in the next half hour nobody answers then you can give me the code, because its not really fair if three minutes after you post the question i answer so dont send me the code until 8:30 CA time.

  2. No one's commented other than you yet, so you won the code.

  3. Nightmare, with the parents unicorn and helephant.