Sunday, July 17, 2011


First off, I'd like to welcome our three newest followers, Tatiana Shadowflame, Autumn Dreamwalker, and Alura Duskblade.

Recently, I've been playing a lot of kifreegames, and have won two FOG Unicorns, Three Blue Raptor Swords, Four or five various mounts, some red hammer thing, and tons of other stuff. While looking on twitter, I saw that kifreegames had a twitter page, and that they give out codes every few hours. So I redeemed a code for my main account, and a code for my side account.
While my main character got a "Marvelous Minions" card pack, my side account got 5000 gold. So I decided that it was time that "Little Malorn" got some better looking clothes.

So now we have matching clothes. I'll try to get him  some cooler stuff, like a blue raptor sword, and a cool pet or something, but for now he looks pretty good. I then took my twin down to the commons, where one kid said, "Hey, you guys look the same...." 

I replied by saying "That's because-"
And Little Malorn finished my sentence by saying,
"We are the same"

Double Dancing.

Right when I started the Daily Contest, all of the codes I gave you guys came off of Sorcery Stones. Most of the time I'd get bored and stop at a lower tier, because it just took forever to get to a higher level. Recently though, I've been playing a lot of Doodle Doug, and have been able to get to higher tiers very fast. Apparently 15,000 points is Tier 4, and 25,000 is tier 9 (according to this). Usually I get around 20,000 points, so that tier is somewhere between tier 4 and 9. I'm not really sure if that's correct though, because 25,000 isn't really that difficult to reach, I can usually get to 20,000 no problem, so I can't see how 25,000 would be Tier 9. 
Oh well, whatever, here's the question of the day (rules and stuff here)!

What boss in the spiral has the most health? Please give his name (spelled correctly), how much health he has, and where he can be found. Good Luck! 



  1. Sylster Glowstorm, 24,980: Waterworks, Crab Alley, Triton Avenue, Wizard City.-Thunderblade