Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Harvest Festival

Here you go, my latest house.
I give you, The Harvest Festival.

First area is the mini-game tents. Each tent has a different game that I hid inside. You will also notice two paths. 

The right path goes here.

If you follow the stepping stones, you will come to the pavilion area.

The path continues on though, to the secret garden.

Next to this secret garden are these two Unicorn Fountains I created.

If you take the path straight (at the mini-game tents) You will come upon a small temple. To the right of the temple is a table and some supplies.

Inside the temple is the pool room.

Complete with working pool.

To the left of the temple is one of my favorite parts of the house. The Food Cart Food Court.

If you take the teleporter up, there is a small rest area.

Entrance to the inside.

Behind the big green tree in the above picture, is the entrance to a fire flower trail that goes high into the sky.

And then back down again, finally touching down at the courtyard part of the house.

The door the left goes to a lounge, the door to the right goes to the feast hall.


Feast Hall

The Library is to the right of the feast hall.

If you go to the right of the main area of the library, there is a small row of books.

But to the left, is a secret passageway,  to the forbidden section of the library.

That door in the forbidden section leads to this room.

Complete with burning fireplaces (the fire is kind of dim in this picture).

This part is the exit. It's located right behind the feast hall.

I hope you guys liked this house as much as I did. It's been my favorite house to make, and in my opinion, the nicest looking house. Happy House Decorating!


  1. woah! i loved the fire flower trail idea! it sounds and looks awesome

  2. Your a terrible decorator.