Monday, July 25, 2011

Photography: Hrundle Fjord

Today I'm picking up with photography again, to take some pictures of Hrundle Fjord. It has some pretty cool areas in it, though compared to other parts of Wintertusk, it's sometimes ignored.
This is Hrundle Fjord. A once bustling merchant town, now reduced to a frozen wasteland.

The gates are flung wide open to admit any who wish to enter. 

Or not?

Here is one of the main squares of Hrundle Fjord. It is now deserted, except for a few ravens patrolling the streets.

The insides of the buildings are much different from the outside, reflecting what Hrundle Fjord was like in better times.

On the edges of town, the houses give way to cliffs, chasms,

Ice trenches,

Ice Crystals,

Ice tunnels,

And the beginnings of a wild forest.

Any creatures that dwell in these forests are kept away by giant gates and walls that surround the town.

At this gate, geysers spew boiling water high into the air. What could be beyond this door? 

Time for the Daily Contest! Where does this gate lead to?
Good Luck!


P.S. After playing doodle doug today to get the code, I copyed it, but then accidently copyed something else before pasting it,  so I lost it and had to use an older code. This code may be from before I knew the doodle doug trick, so it probably isn't very good. Then again, it could be a really good code that I forgot about.


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  2. Well I would strong sorcerer, except that talon is actually right. The picture above it with the geysers leads to nordrilund.

  3. Wait, do I have a way to contact you talon?

  4. Malorn the code you sent me doesn't seem to work... please help.

    Can you tell me the doodle doug trick since I would like to do something like this on my blog

  5. Sure, I'll send you the email I sent to Travis Titanthief and Blaze Shadowhorn when I explained it to them.

  6. Nice pics :), can i blog on here?


    Btw confused peoples this is malorns sis i started the blog

  7. Oh! Myrna! I didn't know you actually still played much. And yes, you can blog here.