Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Drake Caves

Here's is my latest house,  The Drake Caves.

Follow the claws.

To the left of the door is a ruined garden.

To the right is an entrance to some caves. Unfortunately, it's blocked off. So head to the left, into some more caves to try to get around.

Unfortunately, that's blocked off too.

The real way in is a secret passage on the other side.

It drops you into a pit. Go behind the colossus statue to go back up again.
You're now above ground, behind the pillar again.


Left or right?

Right is a dead end.

So left.

Go around.

Watch out for bats.

And dragons in mini hot tubs.

Eventually you will come upon another wood plank that will drop you in these caves.

Find your way through the endless, pitch black, caves.

Eventually you will come upon this memorial fountain, across from it, is the entrance to the inside.

But first, you must cross a fire pit.

Go around the rocks to the left.

Through the narrow gap.

Off the diving board (Stay to the left, or you'll get stuck).

And through the fire.

Go up the ramp.

Fight a troll.

And enter the tower.

What is this ancient platform used for?


Crystal Spirals and Hydra Busts.

The main entrance (it's not blocked so really you didn't have to go through all those caves).

What do you call a four-headed hydra?

Up the ramps.

The left and right side rooms are identical.

Throne room.

Dragon Rider Statue.

Dragon Rider Throne.

That's all for now, so happy house decorating!

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  1. Nice job! By the way thanks for the advice on the krok palace. Just so you know a hydra with four heads is called a hydra. Cut off one of a hydra's heads and it'll grow 2 more.