Thursday, July 28, 2011

Krokotopian Digsite

I have 3/3 housing slots filled up on Malorn, so I decided that for my next house, I would have to make it on Myrna's character. I've been wanting to make a krokotopian themed house for a while now, preferably with a Sultan's Palace. Unfortunately, I have no Sultan's Palace, so I will be making a small house.
The first thing I did was put down all of my tents. Through all of my time sitting at the bazaar, I've sniped a total of 15+ Krokotopian Grand Tents. Unfortunately, I've sold a few, but I still have 11. What I'm really hoping for though, is that one of these days I'll get a Krokotopian Camping tent..... 

This is the second campsite. The first will be mostly palm trees and supplies, but this one will have a small excavation.

The main excavation will be in this tomb though, which has been the most expensive part of this house so far, because of all of the statues I had to buy.

While the outside of this house is an excavation, the inside will be more of a fancy marleybonian house. The leader of this expedition would lounge around here, while the others worked. 

I still need two more krokotopian photos for these couches.

I have this Krok Hieroglyph  finished, but I need to get another statue for the other side.

I'm also thinking of buying some celestian palm trees to put on the inside to give it more of an oasis feel.

I think the bedroom needs some water fountains.

Question of the Day: What is the name of the plant is this picture?
(The one in the blue vase). Remember that Wizard101central wiki is useful.

Good Luck!